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klineak will nicht mehr
by Stefan Müller
14 years, 10 months

qt3-3.3.6-151.1 triggers QMultiInputContext::changeInputMethod()
by Hans-Peter Jansen
14 years, 11 months

Wierd screensaver
by Bob S
14 years, 12 months

kde media daemon really gets on my nerves.
by Mathias Homann
14 years, 12 months

CDROM, DVD do not show up under My Computer - kded doesn't run
by Basil Chupin
15 years

qt3/kdebindings3-python issues from KDE:/KDE3/SUSE_Linux_9.3
by Hans-Peter Jansen
15 years

Files to Trash vs Delete - KDE
by Jim Flanagan
15 years

You crashes on 10.1 although updated
by Thomas Bley
15 years

KDE support status in OpenSuSE
by Philippe Andersson
15 years

how do I change the kde menu items sorting mode (to not sorted)?
by Nicolas Carranza
15 years
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