openSUSE Project April 2013
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[opensuse-project] opensuse-user not on gmane any more?
by Jim Henderson
7 years, 5 months

[opensuse-project] IPV6 address breaks updates
by Gerald Pfeifer
8 years, 6 months

Re: [opensuse-project] Gsoc interest in CloudStack/Eucalyptus setup
by Greg Freemyer
9 years

[opensuse-project] About CloudStack/Eucalyptus setup project, Google summer of code.
by Pengfei Hao
9 years

[opensuse-project] OBS 2.4 is out!
by Jos Poortvliet
9 years

[opensuse-project] [reminder] openSUSE Project Meeting tomorrow at 15:00 UTC
by openSUSE Meeting Reminder
9 years

[opensuse-project] Re: GSOC | Open Badges for the Open Build Service
by Henne Vogelsang
9 years

[opensuse-project] FLISOL 2013 en El Salvador
by cheperobert
9 years

[opensuse-project] GSOC project of Open Badges for the Open Build Servic
by vikas yaligar
9 years

[opensuse-project] Re: Proposal for openSUSE News/Planet app on Android
by Manu Gupta
9 years
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