openSUSE Users May 2011
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[opensuse] Update on LiveUSB 11.4 killed the Network
by Paulo Motta
10 years, 3 months

[opensuse] WLAN on Thinkpad T61 (with PRO/Wireless 4965 AG) stopped working after upgrade from 11.3 to 11.4
by Sven Hartrumpf
10 years, 3 months

[opensuse] Blowing away 11.3
by James Knott
10 years, 3 months

[opensuse] 局域网内无法Ping到SUSE,求助
by Poppy
10 years, 3 months

[opensuse] KMS and Xorg not finding native resolution with INTEL driver
by Charles Philip Chan
10 years, 3 months

[opensuse] Keyring LED/USB flash with Insignia NS-KEYXX10
by Per Jessen
10 years, 4 months

[opensuse] udev rules can not be read
by Constant Brouerius van Nidek
10 years, 4 months

[opensuse] Conversion and Automation recommendations
by Duaine Hechler
10 years, 4 months

[opensuse] DAAP Server [packaged for openSUSE]
by Adam Tauno Williams
10 years, 4 months

[opensuse] list broken?
by Carl Hartung
10 years, 4 months
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