openSUSE Users September 2021
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TW - i2c permissions for normal users?
by Michael Hamilton
1 hour, 20 minutes

EROFS within CFEngine
by Ansgar Esztermann-Kirchner
1 day, 17 hours

Re: no ip address
by Carlos E. R.
1 day, 17 hours

by Douglas McGarrett
1 day, 23 hours

Problem with software raid and Tumbleweed
by Markus Egg
2 days, 9 hours

faulty patch? leap 15.3, The following package update will NOT be installed: yast2-theme
by cagsm
3 days

Sluggish Seamonkey
by James Knott
4 days, 17 hours

Q: How to Increase Font Size in YaST
by Andrei Verovski
4 days, 21 hours

Fwd: Returned mail: see transcript for details
by L A Walsh
5 days, 1 hour

Re: no ip address
by James Knott
5 days, 7 hours
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