openSUSE Users August 2006
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Install source
by Hans van der Merwe
15 years

Acrobat Reader 7 on SuSE Linux 10.1
by Lívio Cipriano
15 years

'whois' not working in suse 10.0
by Arie Reynaldi Z
15 years

Unable to load interpreter /lib/
by Craig Millar
15 years

[opensuse] openSUSE Mirrors and p2p for easier ISO distribution
by Anthony L. Bryan
15 years

SuSE-compatible Firefox RPMs
by Paul Abrahams
15 years

DNS issues - Suse 10
by James D. Parra
15 years

D-Link DWL-G510 (RT61) looses ESSID
by Sylvester Lykkehus
15 years

OT - is there an off-topic list?
by Daniel Bauer
15 years

Suse's new competition: Paris Hilton(!!!)
by stephan beal
15 years
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