openSUSE Factory October 2019
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[opensuse-factory] Can we assume that /bin/sh is bash?
by Martin Wilck
1 month, 3 weeks

[opensuse-factory] Too many packages to process
by Vojtěch Zeisek
1 year, 2 months

[opensuse-factory] Default browser: chromium?
by Tomas Chvatal
2 years, 4 months

[opensuse-factory] Default Java
by Bernd Ritter
2 years, 4 months

[opensuse-factory] openSUSE reproducible builds status 2019-01
by Bernhard M. Wiedemann
2 years, 4 months

[opensuse-factory] Edit Dialog in QtPass not Populated
by Charles Philip Chan
2 years, 5 months

[opensuse-factory] [VOTE] Revisiting openSUSE and SLE package changelog change policy
by Lubos Kocman
2 years, 6 months

[opensuse-factory] Changing %_libexecdir to /usr/libexec
by Michael Schroeder
2 years, 6 months

[opensuse-factory] Requirement for the current version %{perl_requires} not working
by Arjen de Korte
2 years, 6 months

[opensuse-factory] Board Decision on groups in spec files.
by Simon Lees
2 years, 6 months
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