openSUSE Factory May 2017
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[opensuse-factory] reproducible builds test results
by Bernhard M. Wiedemann
3 years, 8 months

[opensuse-factory] receiving files via bluetooth fails
by Olaf Hering
3 years, 9 months

[opensuse-factory] Firefox new upgrades for current Opensuse versions - now sticking to ESR?
by cagsm
3 years, 11 months

[opensuse-factory] Leap 42.3 status update and roadmap proposal
by Ludwig Nussel
3 years, 12 months

[opensuse-factory] NVidia GTX 1050 with bumblebee
by Michal Hlaváč
4 years

[opensuse-factory] TW : LibreOffice : soffice.bin
by ellanios82
4 years

[opensuse-factory] New Tumbleweed snapshot 20170529 released!
by Dominique Leuenberger
4 years

[opensuse-factory] New rpm macros to test package versions in spec files
by Antonio Larrosa
4 years

[opensuse-factory] TW boot-freeze, no graphical login
by Michael Born
4 years

[opensuse-factory] TW 20170529 major breakage in Thunderbird
by S.
4 years
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