openSUSE Factory July 2009
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[opensuse-factory] 11.2 Release Notes
by Karl Eichwalder
11 years, 3 months

[opensuse-factory] display monitors query
11 years, 11 months

[opensuse-factory] 'zypper dup' updating kernel when 'zypper up' does not? (fwd)
by Gerald Pfeifer
12 years

[opensuse-factory] splashy vs bootsplash
by Jakub Steiner
12 years, 1 month

[opensuse-factory] Another failure
by Donn Washburn
12 years, 1 month

[opensuse-factory] Packages needing version updates
by Marcus Meissner
12 years, 1 month

[opensuse-factory] Sync between servers
by Rajko M.
12 years, 1 month

[opensuse-factory] Gnome error messages from XKB
by Marco Calistri
12 years, 1 month

Re: [opensuse-factory] Why don't we change to cdrtools ?
12 years, 1 month

[opensuse-factory] Problems with intel driver
by Stephan Kulow
12 years, 1 month
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