openSUSE Support October 2021
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Report a SDDM bug
by Ianseeks
3 days, 15 hours

Some windows always open on secondary screen
by Cristiano Guadagnino
6 days

LO 7.2.2 - Presentation mode
by Axel Braun
6 days, 19 hours

How to install Ant without installing jdk-11?
by J Leslie Turriff
1 week

XFCE: How to screenshot if mouse is hovering over a sub-menu?
by Marco Calistri
1 week, 2 days

Two Issues in OpenSUSE-15.3 Installation
1 week, 2 days

'find' find enless loop in btrfs file system
by Jogchum Reitsma
1 week, 2 days

Leap 15.3: Policies/rules for update repositories?
by Till Dörges
3 weeks

Firefox 92
by Ianseeks
3 weeks, 3 days
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