openSUSE Build Service June 2008
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[opensuse-buildservice] Problem with 'Add repository (old)' and 'Add repository (new)'
by John Pye
13 years, 5 months

[opensuse-buildservice] broken rpmlint checks on 11.0
by Marcus Rueckert
13 years, 5 months

[opensuse-buildservice] recommended base OS
by Stephen Shaw
13 years, 5 months

[opensuse-buildservice] Auto-incrementing version on local BS
by Donavan Pantke
13 years, 5 months

[opensuse-buildservice] <enable> / <disable> logic changed?
by Michal Marek
13 years, 5 months

[opensuse-buildservice] Build Status Monitor unusable
by Dirk Stöcker
13 years, 5 months

[opensuse-buildservice] Autoscroll broken
by Jan-Simon Möller
13 years, 5 months

[opensuse-buildservice] perl XML::RSS
by Klaas Freitag
13 years, 6 months

[opensuse-buildservice] Who is modifying the life OBS?
by Dominique Leuenberger
13 years, 6 months

[opensuse-buildservice] libsvnclient-1 issues in Factory
by Amilcar do Carmo Lucas
13 years, 6 months
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