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Issue building with obs_scm service for Tumbleweed on OBS
by Emily Roberts
23 hours, 16 minutes

Open Build Service (OBS) 2.10.8 released
by Saray Cabrera Padrón
1 day, 10 hours

How to properly clean up the entire project ?
by Ren Lan
1 day, 12 hours

ubuntu20.10 : tex-common missing with osc local build
by Denis RAUX
2 days, 6 hours

cannot build package locally with osc command and xUbuntu_20.10
by Denis RAUX
2 days, 7 hours

New blog post about revisiting the left side navigation
by Lukas Krause
2 days, 9 hours

[opensuse-buildservice] CentOS 8 on obs: Different behavior concerning debug packages
by Michael Behrisch
2 days, 12 hours

Source package not uploading
by Pau Garcia
3 days, 12 hours

[opensuse-buildservice] Compiler Cache (Ccache) support in Open Build Service
by Sumit Jamgade
5 days, 3 hours

[opensuse-buildservice] Fedora_33 fails to find build deps
by Jürgen Weigert
1 week, 3 days
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