openSUSE Packaging July 2013
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[opensuse-packaging] CrossToolchain question
by Matwey V. Kornilov
7 years, 4 months

[opensuse-packaging] Packaging Guideline enforcement
by Dominique Leuenberger a.k.a DimStar
7 years, 5 months

[opensuse-packaging] SONAME question
by Greg Freemyer
7 years, 6 months

[opensuse-packaging] Packaging of Plee the Bear and Andy's Super Great Park
by Julien Jorge
7 years, 6 months

[opensuse-packaging] Package looking for volunteers: CodeAnalyst
by Cristian Morales Vega
7 years, 6 months

[opensuse-packaging] Packaging PEAR modules
by Robert Munteanu
7 years, 6 months

[opensuse-packaging] how to contribute package to repository
by Ovcharov Dmitry
7 years, 6 months

[opensuse-packaging] condition test for a local build?
by Greg Freemyer
7 years, 6 months

[opensuse-packaging] Version numbers with '+' and '~' in them?
by Greg Freemyer
7 years, 6 months

[opensuse-packaging] [reminder] openSUSE 13.1 Milestone 4 is next week
by openSUSE Roadmap Reminder
7 years, 7 months
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