openSUSE Packaging September 2020
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[opensuse-packaging] Build a Kernel Module Package (KMP)
by Johannes Weberhofer
8 months, 4 weeks

[opensuse-packaging] Packaging python: W: python-bytecode-inconsistent-mtime
by Hans-Peter Jansen
8 months, 4 weeks

[opensuse-packaging] How to require at least one default font?
by Ben Greiner
8 months, 4 weeks

[opensuse-packaging] Question about factory pipeline
by William Brown
9 months

[opensuse-packaging] help with interpreting build failure (what is the reason for failure?)
by Alexander Krupp
9 months, 2 weeks

[opensuse-packaging] ppc64le worker 'obs-power9-06:5': ENOSPC
by Bernhard Voelker
9 months, 3 weeks

[opensuse-packaging] Lifting restriction of Boolean Deps in Tumbleweed
by Dominique Leuenberger / DimStar
9 months, 3 weeks

[opensuse-packaging] mozilla project, thunderbird package
by Mathias Homann
9 months, 3 weeks
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