openSUSE Packaging October 2013
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[opensuse-packaging] Making packages ccbuild and bobcat or help doing so
by Daniël Huisman
8 years

[opensuse-packaging] firefox-esr
by Felix Miata
8 years

[opensuse-packaging] gcin-*-immodule 32bit postscripts failure (baselibs.conf issue)
by Marguerite Su
8 years

[opensuse-packaging] [reminder] openSUSE 13.1 RC 1 is next week
by openSUSE Roadmap Reminder
8 years

[opensuse-packaging] antRun issue - symlink solution
by Denny Beyer
8 years

[opensuse-packaging] new factory build failure - I used to be able to read a c compiler error, but apparently no longer
by Greg Freemyer
8 years
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