openSUSE Kernel June 2018
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[opensuse-kernel] Reliability test for hard drives and SSD
by Andrey Ponomarenko
3 years, 9 months

[opensuse-kernel] Multiple mkinitrd's run during dup - why?
by Richard Brown
3 years, 10 months

[opensuse-kernel] Compiling KMP on OBS with retpoline
by Christof Hanke
3 years, 11 months

[opensuse-kernel] Leap 15 Problem on start (crash)
by Günther J. Niederwimmer
3 years, 11 months

[opensuse-kernel] [PATCH] config: armv7hl: Enable CONFIG_MTD_NAND_OMAP_BCH
by Matwey V. Kornilov
3 years, 11 months
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