openSUSE Kernel January 2018
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[opensuse-kernel] [PATCH] config: arm64: Enable Aardvark PCIe controller
by Matwey V. Kornilov
3 years, 11 months

[opensuse-kernel] [PATCH] Add patches.suse/0001-ARM-dts-bcm283x-Add-vchiq-DT-node-to-be-able-to-use-.patch
by Guillaume GARDET
3 years, 11 months

[opensuse-kernel] omits desktop-base
by Felix Miata
4 years

[opensuse-kernel] kernel-devel conflicts on update from 4.14.12-1.x to 4.14.12-1.8
by Andrei Borzenkov
4 years

[opensuse-kernel] Trouble with module e1000e on Leap 42.3
by Giacomo Comes
4 years

[opensuse-kernel] kexec with secure boot enabled?
by Ludwig Nussel
4 years
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