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Adrian Schröter

08 Apr [obs-commits] [openSUSE/osc] 5cc8a0: ppc64le can build ppc64 in KVM
01 Apr [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] b3e1a2: [backend] AArch64 can not actually build armv7l
22 Apr [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 61e96a: [api] avoid SQL conflicts on certain searches
08 Apr [obs-commits] [openSUSE/osc] e12f1b: Pass threads option to obs-build
30 Apr [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] b69bca: [api] Fix string interpolation in error message
08 Apr [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 591f3d: [webui] raise dependency to rubygem-redcarpet 2.6....
30 Apr [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 7b8bb6: [backend] fix spec file parsing in POST buildinfo ...
27 Apr [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] c3bf04: [api] update api db when "_product" got removed ob...
17 Apr [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 658342: [backend] support buildtime source services
24 Apr [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 658342: [backend] support buildtime source services
30 Apr [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 5992fc: [api] ensure that channel SQL data is up2date befo...
08 Apr [obs-commits] [openSUSE/osc] 4357c8: create_submit_request: fix return value when falli...
08 Apr [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 5bb86a: [webui] update rubygems
24 Apr [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 23c8a7: [backend] Add support for using Docker for virtual...
23 Apr [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 193d7c: [dist] we need also a "mailers" queue now
24 Apr [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] f6f9a0: [backend] bs_worker: pass --swap also when using e...
27 Apr [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 4a2861: [api] update api db when "_product" got removed ob...
24 Apr [obs-commits] [openSUSE/osc] 6886a0: - use "group:" prefix instead of "group/" like in ...


25 Apr [obs-commits] [openSUSE/obs-build] e8922e: - add comment
22 Apr [obs-commits] [openSUSE/obs-build] 82d743: - fix BUILD_INITVM_ARCH after reading BUILD_HOSTAR...
24 Apr [obs-commits] [openSUSE/obs-build] 992aa3: Support for simple images
29 Apr [obs-commits] [openSUSE/obs-build] f68ead: build-recipe-kiwi: skip creating symlinks for comp...
24 Apr [obs-commits] [openSUSE/obs-build] ed798b: simpleimage: don't use the current time as version
15 Apr [obs-commits] [openSUSE/obs-build] eba82b: - add support for host architecture blacklisting
28 Apr [obs-commits] [openSUSE/obs-build] 98b0ea: Remove ppc64 from ppc64le build arch list
28 Apr [obs-commits] [openSUSE/obs-build] 8fc795: Move hostarch update code from build-vm-kvm to bui...
21 Apr [obs-commits] [openSUSE/obs-build] 66e71d: Use objdump -f for legacy kernel arch detection
15 Apr [obs-commits] [openSUSE/obs-build] 0225a2: - take specified hostarch into account for initvm
21 Apr [obs-commits] [openSUSE/obs-build] e47399: Get host arch from the kernel-obs-build package
30 Apr [obs-commits] [openSUSE/obs-build] 50337b: Double-check the debootstrap result
24 Apr [obs-commits] [openSUSE/obs-build] df3d2c: Rework runservices, rename simplexml to SimpleXML
24 Apr [obs-commits] [openSUSE/obs-build] 3cb798: support build time source services
24 Apr [obs-commits] [openSUSE/obs-build] c045d5: vc: create changelog file only in case of a change
14 Apr [obs-commits] [openSUSE/obs-build] 3cff04: - sync architecture mappings with OBS CanDo list
09 Apr [obs-commits] [openSUSE/obs-build] b7af38: Add initial support for building inside Docker con...
30 Apr [obs-commits] [openSUSE/obs-build] 6f6959: Simplify compatibility dir skipping
09 Apr [obs-commits] [openSUSE/obs-build] a2cc7c: Do not erase $TOPDIR if --no-init is given twice
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