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Stephan Kulow

14 Dec [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 6231f4: [api] include some headers in the build fail mail ...
11 Dec [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 7584bc: [webui] don't link to the revisions in the commit ...
13 Dec [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 19afc8: [api] yet another rework of the subscription logic
16 Dec [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 4fea85: [api] change the subject of the request event mail...
03 Dec [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 1572ca: [api] also fix the deleted repo if not existant
04 Dec [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 354b9b: [api] fix emails about set_bugowner requests
03 Dec [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] e4c74d: [api] even more fixes for issue 512
17 Dec [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 74511a: [api] message-ids contain < and >
09 Dec [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 4556ec: [api] add a flag to the groups_users if we should ...
12 Dec [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] cf431a: [api] rework how subscriptions work
09 Dec [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 30779c: [api] change the subject of request mails
09 Dec [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 2f4d44: [api] implement 'creator' as role for (request) ev...
08 Dec [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 1d5be4: [api] use Yajl instead of json gem
17 Dec [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] e894b8: [api] also add a Sender to the mail headers
06 Dec [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] fbd796: [api] trim the request diff to 200 lines
08 Dec [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] e11009: [webui] smoke test for change devel request
03 Dec [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 6f910b: [api] give the deleted repo another shot
08 Dec [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] fd1009: [webui] fix redirect_to call
19 Dec [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 58cf5a: [api] slightly enhance action display for change_d...
05 Dec [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] a63d6f: [webui] fix project#status for filtered user
17 Dec [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 6e0ada: [api] avoid sending bounces to obs users
05 Dec [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] a42def: [api] include the information who asked for the re...
17 Dec [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] b0cb6d: [api] fix another mail fixture
16 Dec [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 3a07be: [api] add threading support for build failure mail...
14 Dec [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] a9a4be: [api] 2 small fixes for the test suite
12 Dec [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 777b91: [api] in event mails treat maintainers of devel pa...
09 Dec [obs-commits] [openSUSE/obs-service-format_spec_file] 3c4108: update licenses
05 Dec [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 0424a9: [api] fix one more fixture
09 Dec [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 53d370: [dist] update to poltergeist 1.5
02 Dec [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] db15c3: [api] also save the obs_url
05 Dec [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 8aaff9: [api] test comment events for requests
18 Dec [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 60a1bd: [webui] don't let google spider request diffs
08 Dec [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 335b62: [webui] give an error for relationships added twic...
09 Dec [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] fc4ee9: [api] add a return-to header to the event mails
08 Dec [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 14aeec: [api] test and fix overloaded gravatar page
03 Dec [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] f66036: [api] one more payload key for build events
04 Dec [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 5210d6: [api] render more action types
03 Dec [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 70d531: [api] add the possibility to subscribe to events
06 Dec [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] b686cc: [api] avoid a crash on non UTF-8 files
06 Dec [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] bff05c: [api] fix spelling in Precedence mail header
14 Dec [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 66eaca: [api] put the log file in raw mode in the mail
18 Dec [obs-commits] [openSUSE/obs-service-format_spec_file] cf1f09: sort with locale C
02 Dec [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] e73675: [webui] don't specify format in the feed
02 Dec [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] ca29b1: [api] continue trying to fix 2.3 migrations
02 Dec [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 5bbc19: [webui] fix the links to 'Owned Packages'
05 Dec [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 1cb4b2: [webui] enforce integers for icon size
12 Dec [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] ece5a1: [webui] Early notification UI
13 Dec [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 8f0a53: [webui] fix comment requests
16 Dec [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 217856: [api] some changes to the event mails
13 Dec [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 837180: [webui] add an icon to the configure link
03 Dec [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] a1e0a7: [api] final test for issue 512
16 Dec [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] aa37e9: [api] fix comment emails
02 Dec [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] fa56d0: [api] the backend will send different payload for ...
05 Dec [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 35f816: [api] drop hermes compat, it just won't work with ...
08 Dec [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 5956b3: [api] disable sending out mail again
14 Dec [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] d69023: [api] test build failure mail
18 Dec [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 9beef9: [api] reduce the request diff length even more
18 Dec [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] b6e4db: [api] use a consistent domain in message ids
06 Dec [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] a4465b: [api] no need to trim nil
04 Dec [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 5614f6: [api] avoid tilt downgrade
04 Dec [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] d4cfa8: [api] yet another fix for my favorite migration ;(
04 Dec [obs-commits] [openSUSE/open-build-service] 440f7e: [dist] update gem versions
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