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24 Sep openSUSE-RU-2016:2372-1: moderate: Recommended update for timezone
03 Sep openSUSE-RU-2016:2231-1: Recommended update for clamav-database
02 Sep openSUSE-FU-2016:2221-1: moderate: KDE Applications 15.12.3
21 Sep openSUSE-RU-2016:2344-1: moderate: Recommended update for clamav-database
17 Sep openSUSE-RU-2016:2334-1: moderate: Recommended update for fwts
05 Sep openSUSE-RU-2016:2241-1: moderate: Recommended update for pacemaker
02 Sep openSUSE-RU-2016:2220-1: moderate: Recommended update for konsole
13 Sep openSUSE-RU-2016:2295-1: moderate: Recommended update for apache2
02 Sep openSUSE-FU-2016:2216-1: moderate: Add grantlee5, poppler-qt5, telepathy-qt5, libqca-qt5 and libdbusmenu-qt5 to the SLE 12 SP1 backports project.
02 Sep openSUSE-RU-2016:2225-1: Recommended update for jq, jsoncpp and sysdig
17 Sep openSUSE-RU-2016:2335-1: moderate: Recommended update for fwts
26 Sep openSUSE-RU-2016:2381-1: moderate: Recommended update for nfs-utils
12 Sep openSUSE-RU-2016:2287-1: moderate: Recommended update for cmake
02 Sep openSUSE-RU-2016:2213-1: Recommended update for kdesu
23 Sep openSUSE-OU-2016:2362-1: moderate: Recommended update for python-Cython, python-scipy, suitesparse
02 Sep openSUSE-OU-2016:2214-1: Optional update for sysdig and libb64
19 Sep openSUSE-RU-2016:2340-1: Recommended update for zlib
07 Sep openSUSE-RU-2016:2255-1: moderate: Recommended update for screenfetch
02 Sep openSUSE-OU-2016:2222-1: Optional update for apache-rpm-macros, apache2-mod_wsgi, python-Flask, python-Pygments, python-Sphinx, python-Werkzeug, python-itsdangerous and python-nose
25 Sep openSUSE-RU-2016:2377-1: Apache2
02 Sep openSUSE-RU-2016:2215-1: Recommended update for kde-cli-tools5
26 Sep openSUSE-RU-2016:2389-1: Recommended update for clamav-database
05 Sep openSUSE-RU-2016:2235-1: moderate: Recommended update for ucode-intel
13 Sep openSUSE-RU-2016:2299-1: moderate: Recommended update for NetworkManager-vpnc
07 Sep openSUSE-RU-2016:2256-1: moderate: Recommended update for python3-websockets
26 Sep openSUSE-RU-2016:2380-1: Recommended update for gdb
24 Sep openSUSE-RU-2016:2369-1: Recommended update for libspectre
05 Sep openSUSE-RU-2016:2237-1: moderate: Recommended update for gnome-maps
02 Sep openSUSE-FU-2016:2219-1: moderate: KDevelop4 for the Package Hub for SLE 12 SP1.
24 Sep openSUSE-RU-2016:2373-1: moderate: Recommended update for systemd
24 Sep openSUSE-OU-2016:2367-1: moderate: Optional update for flac
04 Sep openSUSE-RU-2016:2234-1: moderate: Recommended update for wine
26 Sep openSUSE-RU-2016:2382-1: Recommended update for libguestfs
16 Sep openSUSE-RU-2016:2322-1: moderate: Recommended update for spice-vdagent
16 Sep openSUSE-RU-2016:2333-1: important: Recommended update for virtualbox
29 Sep openSUSE-RU-2016:2411-1: moderate: Recommended update for pidgin
05 Sep openSUSE-RU-2016:2236-1: Recommended update for timezone
07 Sep openSUSE-RU-2016:2258-1: moderate: Recommended update for lsof
07 Sep openSUSE-RU-2016:2257-1: moderate: Recommended update for libgweather
02 Sep openSUSE-FU-2016:2224-1: moderate: KDE Frameworks 5.20.0 and Plasma 5.5.5
18 Sep openSUSE-RU-2016:2336-1: Recommended update for calibre
24 Sep openSUSE-RU-2016:2370-1: Recommended update for kbd
20 Sep openSUSE-RU-2016:2342-1: moderate: Recommended update for Mesa
24 Sep openSUSE-RU-2016:2364-1: Recommended update for growpart
06 Sep openSUSE-RU-2016:2243-1: Recommended update for clamav-database
09 Sep openSUSE-RU-2016:2274-1: moderate: Recommended update for gdm
28 Sep openSUSE-RU-2016:2409-1: moderate: Recommended update for pidgin
23 Sep openSUSE-OU-2016:2361-1: Add eatmydata to the SUSE Package Hub
05 Sep openSUSE-RU-2016:2238-1: moderate: Recommended update for VirtualGL
12 Sep openSUSE-RU-2016:2294-1: important: Recommended update for dracut
30 Sep openSUSE-RU-2016:2422-1: moderate: Recommended update for Opera
24 Sep openSUSE-RU-2016:2365-1: moderate: Recommended update for lftp
13 Sep openSUSE-RU-2016:2297-1: Recommended update for clamav-database
06 Sep openSUSE-RU-2016:2244-1: moderate: Recommended update for python-ec2metadata
20 Sep openSUSE-OU-2016:2341-1: moderate: Recommended update for python-ply


15 Sep openSUSE-SU-2016:2311-1: important: Recommended update for chromium
25 Sep openSUSE-SU-2016:2375-1: moderate: tiff
15 Sep openSUSE-SU-2016:2314-1: moderate: Security update for virtualbox
26 Sep openSUSE-SU-2016:2379-1: moderate: Security update for curl
24 Sep openSUSE-SU-2016:2366-1: moderate: Security update for gtk2
16 Sep openSUSE-SU-2016:2320-1: moderate: Security update for opera
14 Sep openSUSE-SU-2016:2308-1: important: Recommended update for flash-player
23 Sep openSUSE-SU-2016:2354-1: moderate: Security update for pdns
15 Sep openSUSE-SU-2016:2309-1: important: Recommended update for chromium
04 Sep openSUSE-SU-2016:2232-1: moderate: Security update for xerces-c
06 Sep openSUSE-SU-2016:2253-1: moderate: Security update for MozillaThunderbird
24 Sep openSUSE-SU-2016:2368-1: important: Security update for MozillaFirefox, mozilla-nss
19 Sep openSUSE-SU-2016:2338-1: moderate: Security update for file-roller
27 Sep openSUSE-SU-2016:2391-1: important: Security update for openssl
15 Sep openSUSE-SU-2016:2310-1: important: Security update for chromium
28 Sep openSUSE-SU-2016:2406-1: critical: Security update for bind
26 Sep openSUSE-SU-2016:2386-1: important: Security update for MozillaFirefox, mozilla-nss
09 Sep openSUSE-SU-2016:2277-1: moderate: Security update for wget
12 Sep openSUSE-SU-2016:2290-1: important: Security update for the Linux Kernel
23 Sep openSUSE-SU-2016:2357-1: moderate: Security update for wpa_supplicant
02 Sep openSUSE-SU-2016:2227-1: moderate: Security update for curl
06 Sep openSUSE-SU-2016:2250-1: important: Security update for Chromium
30 Sep openSUSE-SU-2016:2424-1: moderate: Security update for openjpeg
06 Sep openSUSE-SU-2016:2252-1: moderate: Security update for tomcat
09 Sep openSUSE-SU-2016:2275-1: moderate: Security update for tiff
14 Sep openSUSE-SU-2016:2304-1: moderate: Security update for mysql-connector-java
24 Sep openSUSE-SU-2016:2363-1: moderate: Security update for gd
27 Sep openSUSE-SU-2016:2400-1: moderate: Security update for freerdp
19 Sep openSUSE-SU-2016:2337-1: important: Security update for php5
22 Sep openSUSE-SU-2016:2349-1: moderate: Security update for opera
28 Sep openSUSE-SU-2016:2407-1: important: Security update for openssl
13 Sep openSUSE-SU-2016:2296-1: important: Security update for Chromium
09 Sep openSUSE-SU-2016:2276-1: moderate: Security update for gdk-pixbuf
16 Sep openSUSE-SU-2016:2321-1: moderate: Security update for tiff
09 Sep openSUSE-SU-2016:2273-1: moderate: Security update for ocaml
27 Sep openSUSE-SU-2016:2402-1: moderate: Security update for freerdp
08 Sep openSUSE-SU-2016:2264-1: moderate: Security update for libstorage
05 Sep openSUSE-SU-2016:2242-1: moderate: Security update for eog
24 Sep openSUSE-SU-2016:2374-1: moderate: Security update for gtk2
08 Sep openSUSE-SU-2016:2268-1: moderate: Security update for krb5
24 Sep openSUSE-SU-2016:2371-1: moderate: Security update for samba
15 Sep openSUSE-SU-2016:2313-1: moderate: Security update for perl
25 Sep openSUSE-SU-2016:2378-1: moderate: Security update for Thunderbird
30 Sep openSUSE-SU-2016:2425-1: important: Security update for postgresql93
30 Sep openSUSE-SU-2016:2423-1: moderate: Security update for libgcrypt
10 Sep openSUSE-SU-2016:2284-1: moderate: Security update for wget
06 Sep openSUSE-SU-2016:2254-1: moderate: Security update for MozillaThunderbird
04 Sep openSUSE-SU-2016:2233-1: moderate: Security update for dosfstools
19 Sep openSUSE-SU-2016:2339-1: moderate: Security update for openssh
09 Sep openSUSE-SU-2016:2278-1: moderate: Security update for mariadb
02 Sep openSUSE-SU-2016:2223-1: important: Security update for karchive
08 Sep openSUSE-SU-2016:2267-1: moderate: Security update for libtcnative-1-0
10 Sep openSUSE-SU-2016:2283-1: moderate: Recommended update for libtorrent-rasterbar
08 Sep openSUSE-SU-2016:2266-1: moderate: Security update for libsrtp
25 Sep openSUSE-SU-2016:2376-1: important: Recommended update for flash-player
09 Sep openSUSE-SU-2016:2272-1: Security update for fontconfig
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