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09 Oct openSUSE-RU-2015:1708-1: moderate: Recommended update for virtualbox
02 Oct openSUSE-RU-2015:1668-1: moderate: Recommended update for cronie
19 Oct openSUSE-RU-2015:1778-1: moderate: Recommended update for squid
23 Oct openSUSE-RU-2015:1812-1: moderate: Recommended update for tigervnc
12 Oct openSUSE-RU-2015:1721-1: moderate: Recommended update for apache2
09 Oct openSUSE-RU-2015:1709-1: moderate: Recommended update for virtualbox
11 Oct openSUSE-RU-2015:1720-1: moderate: Recommended update for tigervnc
01 Oct openSUSE-RU-2015:1664-1: moderate: Recommended update for docker
02 Oct openSUSE-RU-2015:1669-1: moderate: Recommended update for systemd
19 Oct openSUSE-RU-2015:1779-1: moderate: Recommended update for mdadm
05 Oct openSUSE-RU-2015:1675-1: moderate: Recommended update for gtk-doc
12 Oct openSUSE-RU-2015:1724-1: moderate: Recommended update for PostfixAdmin
29 Oct openSUSE-RU-2015:1843-1: Recommended udpate for pullin-bcm43xx-firmware and pullin-fluendo-mp3
09 Oct openSUSE-RU-2015:1711-1: moderate: Recommended update for ypbind
10 Oct openSUSE-RU-2015:1718-1: moderate: Recommended update for timezone
19 Oct openSUSE-RU-2015:1777-1: moderate: Recommended update for xdm
21 Oct openSUSE-RU-2015:1797-1: Recommended udpate for at
09 Oct openSUSE-RU-2015:1710-1: moderate: Recommended update for fail2ban
12 Oct openSUSE-RU-2015:1723-1: Recommended update for WindowMaker
21 Oct openSUSE-RU-2015:1794-1: moderate: Recommended update for cifs-utils
23 Oct openSUSE-RU-2015:1811-1: moderate: Recommended update for dracut
01 Oct openSUSE-RU-2015:1665-1: Recommended update for virtualbox
09 Oct openSUSE-RU-2015:1712-1: moderate: Recommended update for dracut


28 Oct openSUSE-SU-2015:1836-1: moderate: Security update for wireshark
28 Oct openSUSE-SU-2015:1835-1: moderate: Security update for squid
29 Oct openSUSE-SU-2015:1842-1: important: Security update for the Linux Kernel
01 Oct openSUSE-SU-2015:1658-1: important: Security update for MozillaFirefox
06 Oct openSUSE-SU-2015:1686-1: moderate: Security update for vorbis-tools
27 Oct openSUSE-SU-2015:1831-1: important: Security update for haproxy
27 Oct openSUSE-SU-2015:1825-1: fix boo#948602 boo#948045
01 Oct openSUSE-SU-2015:1659-1: moderate: Security update for python-PyJWT
17 Oct openSUSE-SU-2015:1773-1: moderate: Security update for docker
09 Oct openSUSE-SU-2015:1704-1: moderate: Security update for freetype2
24 Oct openSUSE-SU-2015:1816-1: moderate: Security update for Chromium
27 Oct openSUSE-SU-2015:1830-1: moderate: Security update for libressl
06 Oct openSUSE-SU-2015:1687-1: moderate: Security update for redis
23 Oct openSUSE-SU-2015:1813-1: moderate: Security update for python-Django
10 Oct openSUSE-SU-2015:1717-1: moderate: Security update for lxc
05 Oct openSUSE-SU-2015:1674-1: Security update for phpMyAdmin
22 Oct openSUSE-SU-2015:1802-1: moderate: Security update for python-django
06 Oct openSUSE-SU-2015:1688-1: moderate: Security update for conntrack-tools
11 Oct openSUSE-SU-2015:1719-1: important: Security update for Chromium
15 Oct openSUSE-SU-2015:1751-1: moderate: Security update for jakarta-taglibs-standard
29 Oct openSUSE-SU-2015:1830-2: moderate: Security update for libressl
01 Oct openSUSE-SU-2015:1667-1: important: Security update for bind
05 Oct openSUSE-SU-2015:1681-1: important: Security update for seamonkey
29 Oct openSUSE-SU-2015:1836-2: moderate: Security update for wireshark
19 Oct openSUSE-SU-2015:1781-1: critical: Security update for flash-player
16 Oct openSUSE-SU-2015:1768-1: critical: Security update for flash-player
29 Oct openSUSE-SU-2015:1835-2: moderate: Security update for squid
15 Oct openSUSE-SU-2015:1752-1: moderate: Security update for rsync
29 Oct openSUSE-SU-2015:1825-2: fix boo#948602 boo#948045
14 Oct openSUSE-SU-2015:1744-1: important: Security update for Adobe Flash Player
14 Oct openSUSE-SU-2015:1734-1: important: Security update for polkit
30 Oct openSUSE-SU-2015:1849-1: moderate: Security update for sudo
05 Oct openSUSE-SU-2015:1679-1: important: Security update for MozillaThunderbird
06 Oct openSUSE-SU-2015:1684-1: moderate: Security update for apache2
24 Oct openSUSE-SU-2015:1817-1: important: Security update for MozillaFirefox
06 Oct openSUSE-SU-2015:1685-1: moderate: Security update for froxlor
15 Oct openSUSE-SU-2015:1750-1: moderate: Security update for spice
08 Oct openSUSE-SU-2015:1699-1: moderate: Security update for IPython, python3-IPython
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