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15 Jun openSUSE-RU-2015:1063-1: moderate: Recommended update for mysql-connector-java
05 Jun openSUSE-RU-2015:1007-1: moderate: Recommended update for timezone
03 Jun openSUSE-RU-2015:0995-1: moderate: Recommended update for gnome-commander
17 Jun openSUSE-RU-2015:1076-1: moderate: Recommended udpate for sysconfig
05 Jun openSUSE-RU-2015:1005-1: moderate: Recommended update for apache2
24 Jun openSUSE-RU-2015:1131-1: important: Recommended update for seccheck
08 Jun openSUSE-RU-2015:1009-1: moderate: Recommended update for pitivi
10 Jun openSUSE-RU-2015:1022-1: moderate: Recommended update for procps
08 Jun openSUSE-RU-2015:1008-1: moderate: Recommended udpate for btrfsprogs
26 Jun openSUSE-RU-2015:1153-1: moderate: Recommended update for apache2
08 Jun openSUSE-RU-2015:1010-1: moderate: Recommended update for patch
22 Jun openSUSE-RU-2015:1097-1: moderate: Recommended update for NetworkManager-strongswan
05 Jun openSUSE-RU-2015:1004-1: Recommended update for KDE4 applications
30 Jun openSUSE-RU-2015:1160-1: Recommended update for the KDE Applications stack
16 Jun openSUSE-RU-2015:1070-1: moderate: Recommended update for dracut
25 Jun openSUSE-RU-2015:1140-1: moderate: Recommended update for iproute2
26 Jun openSUSE-RU-2015:1151-1: Softwarestack update for openSUSE 13.2
16 Jun openSUSE-RU-2015:1067-1: Recommended update for spec-cleaner
16 Jun openSUSE-RU-2015:1069-1: moderate: Recommended udpate for kiwi-config-openSUSE
11 Jun openSUSE-RU-2015:1051-1: moderate: Recommended update for libvirt
03 Jun openSUSE-RU-2015:0991-1: moderate: Recommended update for seccheck
24 Jun openSUSE-RU-2015:1129-1: moderate: Recommended update for postgrey
26 Jun openSUSE-RU-2015:1147-1: moderate: Recommended update for timezone, timezone-java
11 Jun openSUSE-RU-2015:1049-1: moderate: Recommended update for webgitgtk
16 Jun openSUSE-RU-2015:1066-1: Recommended update for spec-cleaner
10 Jun openSUSE-RU-2015:1023-1: moderate: Recommended udpate for gtk2
09 Jun openSUSE-RU-2015:1016-1: moderate: Recommended udpate for puppet
24 Jun openSUSE-RU-2015:1130-1: moderate: Recommended update for redis
13 Jun openSUSE-RU-2015:1060-1: important: Recommended update for samba, permissions, samba-krb-printing and talloc
11 Jun openSUSE-RU-2015:1048-1: important: Recommended update for xf86-video-intel
24 Jun openSUSE-RU-2015:1128-1: moderate: Recommended udpate for atftp
16 Jun openSUSE-RU-2015:1068-1: moderate: Recommended update for pam_ssh


03 Jun openSUSE-SU-2015:0997-1: moderate: Security update for fuse
11 Jun openSUSE-SU-2015:1047-1: important: Security update for Adobe Flash Player
18 Jun openSUSE-SU-2015:1082-1: moderate: Security update for strongswan
22 Jun openSUSE-SU-2015:1096-1: moderate: Security update for cgit
24 Jun openSUSE-SU-2015:1134-1: moderate: Security update for libwmf
24 Jun openSUSE-SU-2015:1135-1: moderate: Security update for curl
12 Jun openSUSE-SU-2015:1059-1: moderate: Security update for coreutils, coreutils-testsuite
05 Jun openSUSE-SU-2015:1003-1: moderate: Security update for fuse
24 Jun openSUSE-SU-2015:1133-1: moderate: Security update for cacti
25 Jun openSUSE-SU-2015:1139-1: important: Security update for openssl
18 Jun openSUSE-SU-2015:1083-1: moderate: Security update for busybox
02 Jun openSUSE-SU-2015:0983-1: important: Security update for xen
12 Jun openSUSE-SU-2015:1056-1: critical: Security update for cups
22 Jun openSUSE-SU-2015:1095-1: moderate: Security update for XWayland
03 Jun openSUSE-SU-2015:0994-1: moderate: Security update for nbd
05 Jun openSUSE-SU-2015:1006-1: moderate: Security update for e2fsprogs
11 Jun openSUSE-SU-2015:1052-1: moderate: Security update for python-setuptools
26 Jun openSUSE-SU-2015:1148-1: important: Security update for Adobe Flash Player
22 Jun openSUSE-SU-2015:1092-1: important: Security update for xen
11 Jun openSUSE-SU-2015:1030-1: moderate: Recommended update for wpa_supplicant
10 Jun openSUSE-SU-2015:1028-1: moderate: Security update for zeromq
11 Jun openSUSE-SU-2015:1050-1: moderate: Security update for tidy
29 Jun openSUSE-SU-2015:1155-1: Security update for roundcubemail
13 Jun openSUSE-SU-2015:1061-1: important: Security update for Adobe Flash Player
22 Jun openSUSE-SU-2015:1094-1: important: Security update for xen
26 Jun openSUSE-SU-2015:1146-1: moderate: Security update for chromium
24 Jun openSUSE-SU-2015:1132-1: moderate: Security update for libwmf
03 Jun openSUSE-SU-2015:0993-1: moderate: Security update for php5
05 Jun openSUSE-SU-2015:1002-1: moderate: Security update for e2fsprogs
12 Jun openSUSE-SU-2015:1057-1: moderate: Security update for php5
12 Jun openSUSE-SU-2015:1058-1: moderate: Security update for dpkg, update-alternatives
11 Jun openSUSE-SU-2015:1031-1: moderate: Security update for proftpd
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