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01 Oct openSUSE-RU-2014:1261-1: rsyslog: added template for firewall config
23 Oct openSUSE-RU-2014:1320-1: rss-glx: fix for broken package
31 Oct openSUSE-RU-2014:1337-1: util-linux: Added documentation to the files-section of the specfile
01 Oct openSUSE-RU-2014:1262-1: moderate: aaa_base: various bugfixes
15 Oct openSUSE-RU-2014:1295-1: moderate: mkinitrd: fix purge-kernels for Tumbleweed and Kernel:xxx repos
21 Oct openSUSE-RU-2014:1312-1: apache2-mod_evasive: Fixes loading module.
08 Oct openSUSE-RU-2014:1274-1: Fix a crash when removing an already removed handle.
14 Oct openSUSE-RU-2014:1288-1: sssd: Update to upstream release 1.9.6
31 Oct openSUSE-RU-2014:1338-1: test update
20 Oct openSUSE-RU-2014:1307-1: More critical improvements in the tool so submitting to update channel.
24 Oct openSUSE-RU-2014:1323-1: pulseaudio: Fixes resource leak
13 Oct openSUSE-RU-2014:1284-1: moderate: accountservice: Update to bugfix-release 0.6.38
08 Oct openSUSE-RU-2014:1273-1: moderate: sudo: Update to version 1.8.10p3
01 Oct openSUSE-RU-2014:1263-1: moderate: seamonkey: update to 2.29
02 Oct openSUSE-RU-2014:1265-1: moderate: tor: bugfix update to
01 Oct openSUSE-RU-2014:1264-1: moderate: tomcat: update to 7.0.42
14 Oct openSUSE-RU-2014:1289-1: important: at: skip exporting variables with awkward keys
20 Oct openSUSE-RU-2014:1309-1: apache2: Fixes issue with PROPFIND walker and enables mod_imagemap
30 Oct openSUSE-RU-2014:1336-1: critical: test update for libzypp
15 Oct openSUSE-RU-2014:1296-1: moderate: sitar: Fix syntax errors when run with perl
06 Oct openSUSE-RU-2014:1267-1: moderate: timezone:update to 2014h
30 Oct openSUSE-RU-2014:1335-1: test kernel update for 13.2
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