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04 Dec openSUSE-RU-2012:1603-1: important: grub2: disable patch to set green background image
17 Dec openSUSE-RU-2012:1656-1: libqt4: fixed ghost taskbar issue
18 Dec openSUSE-RU-2012:1662-1: moderate: cups: fix to support duplex printing on PS printers
27 Dec openSUSE-RU-2012:1699-1: OpenLP: Updated to 2.0
05 Dec openSUSE-RU-2012:1608-1: wvstreamer: Disabled optimizations which caused crash
17 Dec openSUSE-RU-2012:1660-1: moderate: xf86-input-evdev: bugfix update to 2.7.3
17 Dec openSUSE-RU-2012:1651-1: moderate: sysconfig: various bugfixes
12 Dec openSUSE-RU-2012:1635-1: synapse: fixed border painting
12 Dec openSUSE-RU-2012:1639-1: glibc: fix <fenv.h> with -m32
04 Dec openSUSE-RU-2012:1600-1: important: rsyslog: Two bugfixes
18 Dec openSUSE-RU-2012:1663-1: moderate: kdelibs4: fixed dirlistener problem
27 Dec openSUSE-RU-2012:1693-1: usbip: Updated userspace tools and library to version 1.1.1
27 Dec openSUSE-RU-2012:1690-1: gnome-control-center: fix mouse events in the display preview widget
27 Dec openSUSE-RU-2012:1698-1: llvm: Fix llvm-config --libdir output on x86-64
27 Dec openSUSE-RU-2012:1691-1: rhythmbox: ensure audiocd plugin is linked with libdiscid
27 Dec openSUSE-RU-2012:1692-1: apport: use default CA certs instead of a custom one
17 Dec openSUSE-RU-2012:1655-1: krusader: allow starting krusader in root mode
05 Dec openSUSE-RU-2012:1610-1: libcgroup1: fix defaultcgroup detection
20 Dec openSUSE-RU-2012:1681-1: glibc: Two bugfixes
17 Dec openSUSE-RU-2012:1653-1: open-iscsi: accept "<NULL>" as value in sysfs
06 Dec openSUSE-RU-2012:1616-1: iptables: Update to
05 Dec openSUSE-RU-2012:1609-1: faenza-icon-theme: Use correct openSUSE-icons
05 Dec openSUSE-RU-2012:1607-1: at: Fix atd.service
04 Dec openSUSE-RU-2012:1599-1: xl2tpd: Add kernel support for 2.6.23+
17 Dec openSUSE-RU-2012:1658-1: udev: removed usb hid rule for AMI 046b:ff10
06 Dec openSUSE-RU-2012:1617-1: kdelibs4: Show icons correctly when using NFS directory
05 Dec openSUSE-RU-2012:1613-1: coreutils: set permissions on /bin/su, not the non-existant /usr/bin/su
27 Dec openSUSE-RU-2012:1688-1: vim: gvim package should depend on vim-data
18 Dec openSUSE-RU-2012:1664-1: moderate: kdelibs4: fixed dirlistener problem
05 Dec openSUSE-RU-2012:1611-1: libXi6: gedit fails to run over ssh X11 forwarding, reports memory corruption
27 Dec openSUSE-RU-2012:1695-1: important: collectl: update to fix init script
27 Dec openSUSE-RU-2012:1694-1: SuSEfirewall2: just CT instead of NOTRACK
17 Dec openSUSE-RU-2012:1654-1: moderate: findutils: skip nfs4 filesystems again during updatedb
17 Dec openSUSE-RU-2012:1659-1: python-ssh: Update to 1.8.0
05 Dec openSUSE-RU-2012:1612-1: important: Opera -> security update to 12.11
27 Dec openSUSE-RU-2012:1697-1: gstreamer-0_10: Don't set locale in gst_init()
04 Dec openSUSE-RU-2012:1601-1: NetworkManager: Fixes kernel-issue with IPv6 default root
27 Dec openSUSE-RU-2012:1696-1: smartmontools: Update to the latest version
27 Dec openSUSE-RU-2012:1689-1: yast2-kerberos-client: Two bugfixes
12 Dec openSUSE-RU-2012:1638-1: kdeenlive: allow versioned melt binaries
17 Dec openSUSE-RU-2012:1657-1: xltpd: fixed incompatibility with newer kernels
04 Dec openSUSE-RU-2012:1602-1: sysconfig: collective update
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