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02 Aug openSUSE-RU-2011:0862-1: minicom: Static buffers are too small
16 Aug openSUSE-RU-2011:0910-1: libtool: Compiling C++ libraries using libtool fails, because the compiler isn't called
30 Aug openSUSE-RU-2011:0976-1: valgrind: fix debugging of 32bit binaries
31 Aug openSUSE-RU-2011:0982-1: moderate: minicom: fix lockdev support
02 Aug openSUSE-RU-2011:0864-1: iproute2: "ip addr add" returns a different error codes than before
02 Aug openSUSE-RU-2011:0865-1: gimp: The cellspacing in pyslice plugin is broken.
26 Aug openSUSE-RU-2011:0953-1: libproxy: Update to upstream version 0.4.7
09 Aug openSUSE-RU-2011:0882-1: dovecot20: Fix Dovecot20 not starting due to missing ssl_keys
16 Aug openSUSE-RU-2011:0908-1: gnome-games: Fix crashes of glchess
23 Aug openSUSE-RU-2011:0934-1: kdeedu4: Fix crash when zooming in marble
23 Aug openSUSE-RU-2011:0933-1: important: libfm: pcmanfm - cut and paste a folder may causes data loss
19 Aug openSUSE-RU-2011:0926-1: important: yasm: Update to YASM 1.1.0
15 Aug openSUSE-RU-2011:0906-1: glib2: gdbus aborting due to an assertion failure
16 Aug openSUSE-RU-2011:0909-1: selinux-policy: /dev files under SELinux don't have the right security context
23 Aug openSUSE-RU-2011:0926-2: important: mozilla-nspr: Update to 4.8.9
04 Aug openSUSE-YU-2011:0872-1: softwaremgmt: Collective Update 2011/07
04 Aug openSUSE-RU-2011:0874-1: Open Buildservice Toolchain: Release for OBS Maintenance Support
30 Aug openSUSE-RU-2011:0977-1: kdebase4-openSUSE: Fix build service search provider
30 Aug openSUSE-RU-2011:0975-1: apparmor: Fix support for dovecot
26 Aug openSUSE-RU-2011:0963-1: important: Flash Player released
02 Aug openSUSE-RU-2011:0866-1: lxde: Fixed common settings and branding
09 Aug openSUSE-RU-2011:0812-2: moderate: apcupsd: init check is fixed by this update
16 Aug openSUSE-RU-2011:0911-1: wxGTK: Drag and drop crash in Filezilla


02 Aug openSUSE-SU-2011:0861-1: moderate: kernel: security and bugfix update.
30 Aug openSUSE-SU-2011:0970-1: moderate: man-pages update
08 Aug openSUSE-SU-2011:0880-1: moderate: dbus-1
26 Aug openSUSE-SU-2011:0957-1: important: seamonkey: Update to Mozilla Seamonkey 2.3
23 Aug openSUSE-SU-2011:0935-1: important: mozilla-nss: Update to 3.12.11
02 Aug openSUSE-SU-2011:0860-1: moderate: kernel: security and bugfix update.
29 Aug openSUSE-SU-2011:0935-2: important: MozillaThunderbird: Update to 3.1.12
11 Aug openSUSE-SU-2011:0891-1: moderate: cgit
12 Aug openSUSE-SU-2011:0902-1: important: ecryptfs-utils: Update to fix various symlink race attacks
04 Aug openSUSE-SU-2011:0873-1: moderate: virtualbox
17 Aug openSUSE-SU-2011:0915-1: moderate: libpng14-14
12 Aug openSUSE-SU-2011:0897-1: critical: flash-player
30 Aug openSUSE-SU-2011:0972-1: moderate: libxcrypt update
10 Aug openSUSE-SU-2011:0884-1: important: apache2-mod_fcgid: fixed possible stack overflow due to wrong pointer arithmetic (CVE-2010-3872)
11 Aug openSUSE-SU-2011:0892-1: moderate: foomatic-filters
26 Aug openSUSE-SU-2011:0958-1: important: MozillaFirefox: Update to Firefox 3.6.20
12 Aug openSUSE-SU-2011:0900-1: moderate: libvirt
26 Aug openSUSE-SU-2011:0921-2: moderate: yast2-core: Adjust to fix crypt_blowfish 8-bit character mishandling
01 Aug openSUSE-SU-2011:0859-1: moderate: libapr1
24 Aug openSUSE-SU-2011:0941-1: important: xen: Fixed a security bug and various other bugs
24 Aug openSUSE-SU-2011:0940-1: moderate: clamav
05 Aug openSUSE-SU-2011:0875-1: moderate: libsoup
25 Aug openSUSE-SU-2011:0950-1: moderate: hplip
29 Aug openSUSE-SU-2011:0957-2: important: MozillaFirefox: Update to Firefox 6
01 Aug openSUSE-SU-2011:0855-1: moderate: libsndfile: fixing Integer overflow by processing certain PAF files (CVE-2011-2696)
18 Aug openSUSE-SU-2011:0921-1: moderate: crypt_blowfish
24 Aug openSUSE-SU-2011:0943-1: important: libmodplug: Fixed multiple vulnerabilities reported in <=
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