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18 Jul openSUSE-RU-2011:0765-1: sysvinit: NFS-Server is not starting.
27 Jul openSUSE-RU-2011:0844-1: gimp: Cellspacing in pyslice plugin is broken
05 Jul openSUSE-RU-2011:0739-1: moderate: pure-ftpd: It fails with pam authentication
19 Jul openSUSE-RU-2011:0813-1: xv: It aborts if a given file name has more than 119 characters
27 Jul openSUSE-RU-2011:0846-1: cronie: run-parts missing in cronie-anacron
18 Jul openSUSE-RU-2011:0778-1: gnome-packagekit: Update confirmation window will not fit on the screen.
18 Jul openSUSE-RU-2011:0757-1: gnome-panel: No appointments on clock applet
18 Jul openSUSE-RU-2011:0782-1: flash-player: Update to
19 Jul openSUSE-RU-2011:0808-1: moderate: udisks: Fixed 'ntfs' support
06 Jul openSUSE-RU-2011:0742-1: critical: icedtea-web: Fix undefined symbol warning in icedtea-web
04 Jul openSUSE-RU-2011:0738-1: xtables-addon: Update to 1.37 to fix ipset working with current kernel
19 Jul openSUSE-RU-2011:0810-1: alsa: alsasound init script for separated /var partition
18 Jul openSUSE-RU-2011:0756-1: net-snmp: Add JFS and XFS to the list of known file systems
18 Jul openSUSE-RU-2011:0748-1: open-iscsi: Booting with iSCSI root device fails
18 Jul openSUSE-RU-2011:0750-1: open-iscsi: Booting with iSCSI root device fails
19 Jul openSUSE-RU-2011:0809-1: telnet: Crash if using "-b" option with incorrect argument
18 Jul openSUSE-RU-2011:0760-1: MozillaFirefox: Version upgrade to 5.0
18 Jul openSUSE-RU-2011:0798-1: mlterm: Key combinations with Ctrl, Shift or Alt doesn't work with numlock switched on
19 Jul openSUSE-RU-2011:0812-1: moderate: apcupsd: "/etc/init.d/apcupsd powerdown" doesn't work due a path/test issue
18 Jul openSUSE-RU-2011:0777-1: apparmor: Various fixes to profiles and userspace programs
18 Jul openSUSE-RU-2011:0795-1: important: mdadm: Partitions of raid arrays not handled correctly.
01 Jul openSUSE-RU-2011:0736-1: moderate: sysconfig: various fixes
19 Jul openSUSE-RU-2011:0811-1: quagga: Fix starting of zebra and ripd
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