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04 Apr openSUSE-RU-2011:0293-1 (low): gtg: Make Hamster plugin work
18 Apr openSUSE-RU-2011:0370-1 (low): alsa: This update fixes an incorrect path
18 Apr openSUSE-RU-2011:0362-1 (moderate): SuSEfirewall: The SuSEfirewall does not produce correct reverse rules. Fixed by this update.
15 Apr openSUSE-RU-2011:0341-1 (low): mtools: This update fixes a crash caused by accessing an invalid memory
04 Apr openSUSE-RU-2011:0289-1 (moderate): qt-creator: Update to final 2.1.0
18 Apr openSUSE-RU-2011:0365-1 (low): usbmuxd: This update fixes connecting to iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Apple TV devices
27 Apr openSUSE-RU-2011:0393-1 (low): yast2-ldap-client: This updates fixes the sssd support
12 Apr openSUSE-RU-2011:0332-1 (low): KTorrent: Updated to 4.1.0 release
04 Apr openSUSE-RU-2011:0292-1 (important): tar: Version upgrade to 1.26
08 Apr openSUSE-RU-2011:0318-1 (low): yast2-bootloader: Fixed that GRUB does not put other openSUSE installations into the menu
18 Apr openSUSE-RU-2011:0358-1 (moderate): gnome-screensaver: This update fixes a deadlock of the password-protected screensaver.
27 Apr openSUSE-RU-2011:0397-1 (low): pam_ssh: This update fixes a double-free
18 Apr openSUSE-RU-2011:0355-1 (low): pulseaudio: This update corrects the handling of /etc/mplayer/mplayer.conf in setup-pulseaudio
28 Apr openSUSE-RU-2011:0404-1 (low): NetworkManager-gnome: This update adds a working default icon.
06 Apr openSUSE-RU-2011:0296-1 (low): the openSUSE translations.
06 Apr openSUSE-RU-2011:0299-1 (low): cairo: This update solves a rendering issue with proprietary nvidia drivers
04 Apr openSUSE-RU-2011:0291-1 (moderate): strongswan: IKEv2 daemon charon may kill itself and be restarted by IPSEC starter. Fixed by this update.
04 Apr openSUSE-RU-2011:0290-1 (low): compcache: This update fixes the init script for compcache
18 Apr openSUSE-RU-2011:0360-1 (low): python-nautilus: Version upgrade to 0.7.2
04 Apr openSUSE-RU-2011:0288-1 (low): alsa: This update provides a few fixes for ALSA
18 Apr openSUSE-RU-2011:0364-1 (low): Banshee: Updated to 2.0.0 final version
18 Apr openSUSE-RU-2011:0366-1 (moderate): yast2-gtk: This update fixes a crash when using the firewall module.
12 Apr openSUSE-RU-2011:0330-1 (low): wxWidgets: Fixed build dependency macros
08 Apr openSUSE-RU-2011:0319-1 (low): insserv: Fixed insserv not working for smpppd
18 Apr openSUSE-RU-2011:0367-1 (low): gtk2: This update re-adds some SuSEconfig scripts for the icon cache.
15 Apr openSUSE-RU-2011:0334-1 (low): xmms2-devel: It does not install xmms runtime libraries. Fixed by this update.
12 Apr openSUSE-RU-2011:0328-1 (low): pm-utils: This update fixes a bug in upower
18 Apr openSUSE-RU-2011:0368-1 (low): imagewriter: The version on openSUSE 11.4 still requires HAL which was replaced by udisks. Fixed by this update
27 Apr openSUSE-RU-2011:0396-1 (moderate): xorg-x11-driver-video: Fixed various 3D issues with Intel graphics drivers.
12 Apr openSUSE-RU-2011:0327-1 (low): sysvinit: boot correctly if blogd is enabled
04 Apr openSUSE-RU-2011:0287-1 (low): espeak: This updates fixes problems with the initial volume of espeak
12 Apr openSUSE-RU-2011:0329-1 (low): sane-backends: fix udev rules for normal users accessing SCSI scanners
27 Apr openSUSE-RU-2011:0395-1 (low): mutt: This update prevents mutt to break with mbox files > 2 GB
27 Apr openSUSE-RU-2011:0392-1 (low): yast2-kerberos-server: A TLS error occurs if LDAP based Kerberos is used. Fixed by this update.
06 Apr openSUSE-RU-2011:0297-1 (moderate): build: This update adds the missing config for 11.4


08 Apr openSUSE-SU-2011:0321-1 (important): dhcp security update
04 Apr openSUSE-SU-2011:0274-2 (critical): quagga: remote denial of service
18 Apr openSUSE-SU-2011:0356-1 (moderate): openldap2 security update
01 Apr openSUSE-SU-2011:0275-1 (important): gdm security update
18 Apr openSUSE-SU-2011:0373-1 (critical): flash-player security update
08 Apr openSUSE-SU-2011:0317-1 (moderate): libvirt security update
15 Apr openSUSE-SU-2011:0342-1 (important): dhcpcd security update
28 Apr openSUSE-SU-2011:0399-1 (important): kernel: security and bugfix update.
01 Apr openSUSE-SU-2011:0281-1 (moderate): kdelibs4 security update
15 Apr openSUSE-SU-2011:0346-1 (important): Linux Kernel: security and bugfix update
01 Apr openSUSE-SU-2011:0274-1 (critical): quagga: remote denial of service
15 Apr openSUSE-SU-2011:0347-1 (low): wireshark security update
01 Apr openSUSE-SU-2011:0279-1 (important): evince: security update
29 Apr openSUSE-SU-2011:0413-1 (moderate): polkit: fixing stat race condition (CVE-2011-1485)
01 Apr openSUSE-SU-2011:0278-1 (low): otrs security update
07 Apr openSUSE-SU-2011:0312-1 (low): mailman security update
08 Apr openSUSE-SU-2011:0313-1 (critical): moonlight security update
07 Apr openSUSE-SU-2011:0311-1 (important): libvirt security update
15 Apr openSUSE-SU-2011:0352-1 (important): dhcp security update
01 Apr openSUSE-SU-2011:0280-1 (moderate): kdelibs4 security update
15 Apr openSUSE-SU-2011:0193-2 (important): nbd: security update
29 Apr openSUSE-SU-2011:0414-1 (important): udisks DBUS root service allows to load arbitrary LKMs (CVE-2010-4661)
08 Apr openSUSE-SU-2011:0314-1 (moderate): python-feedparser security update
15 Apr openSUSE-SU-2011:0336-1 (low): Update of OpenOffice_org to Libreoffice 3.3.1
18 Apr openSUSE-SU-2011:0357-1 (moderate): kbd security update
29 Apr openSUSE-SU-2011:0405-1 (important): tiff security update
21 Apr openSUSE-SU-2011:0389-1 (moderate): postfix security update
01 Apr openSUSE-SU-2011:0277-1 (moderate): cobbler security update
15 Apr openSUSE-SU-2011:0353-1 (important): ifcfg-* file permission fix
15 Apr openSUSE-SU-2011:0348-1 (moderate): krb5 security update
08 Apr openSUSE-SU-2011:0300-2 (moderate): NetworkManager security update (CVE-2010-1172).
08 Apr openSUSE-SU-2011:0316-1 (important): libcgroup1: Fixed heap-based buffer overflow in libcgroup
06 Apr openSUSE-SU-2011:0303-1 (important): telepathy-gabble: security update
28 Apr openSUSE-SU-2011:0403-1 (important): samba: security update
01 Apr openSUSE-SU-2011:0276-1 (important): php5: security update
18 Apr openSUSE-SU-2011:0363-1 (moderate): openldap2 security update
06 Apr openSUSE-SU-2011:0298-1 (critical): xorg-x11 security update
15 Apr openSUSE-SU-2011:0337-1 (low): Update OpenOffice_org to LibreOffice 3.3.1
15 Apr openSUSE-SU-2011:0350-1 (moderate): Fixing libmodplug buffer overflow (CVE-2011-1574).
06 Apr openSUSE-SU-2011:0300-1 (moderate): dbus-1-glibsecurity update
08 Apr openSUSE-SU-2011:0320-1 (important): dhcp security update
18 Apr openSUSE-SU-2011:0359-1 (moderate): openldap2 security update
29 Apr openSUSE-SU-2011:0412-1 (moderate): polkit: fixing stat race condition (CVE-2011-1485)
21 Apr openSUSE-SU-2011:0385-1 (important): dhcpcd security update
29 Apr openSUSE-SU-2011:0416-1 (important): kernel: security and bugfix update.
12 Apr openSUSE-SU-2011:0326-1 (moderate): rsyslog security update
28 Apr openSUSE-SU-2011:0401-1 (moderate): dbus-1 security update (CVE-2010-4352)
18 Apr openSUSE-SU-2011:0361-1 (important): freetype2 security update
29 Apr openSUSE-SU-2011:0409-1 (important): tiff security update
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