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02 Dec openSUSE-RU-2010:1005-1 (low): cyrus-imapd: Wrong path in cron job is fixed by this update.
02 Dec openSUSE-RU-2010:1006-1 (low): doxygen: A segfault when building blender documentation is fixed by this update.
02 Dec openSUSE-RU-2010:1007-1 (low): yast2-country: After changing the timezone and rebooting the old timezone is still used. Fixed by this update.
02 Dec openSUSE-YU-2010:1011-1 (low): This update fixes several bugs in the software management tools.
06 Dec openSUSE-RU-2010:1021-1 (low): compiz: Fix Desktop Zoop and Enhanced Desktop Zoom plugins
06 Dec openSUSE-RU-2010:1022-1 (low): nfs-utils: Fix remount of NFS v3 filesystems
06 Dec openSUSE-RU-2010:1023-1 (low): boost: Improve support for gcc 4.5
06 Dec openSUSE-RU-2010:1024-1 (low): tracker: Remove old data from store when stopping indexing
09 Dec openSUSE-RU-2010:1038-1 (moderate): libtirpc: This updates brings nfs-client to work with portmap
09 Dec openSUSE-RU-2010:1039-1 (important): pidgin: Version update to 2.7.7
13 Dec openSUSE-RU-2010:1055-1 (low): gnome-keyring: Better handling of non-ASCII keyring name
13 Dec openSUSE-RU-2010:1056-1 (low): gnome-do: It is auto-started under KDE4 by default. Fixed by this update.
13 Dec openSUSE-RU-2010:1057-1 (low): libpixman: This update prevents Xvnc from aborting by using different VNC versions.
13 Dec openSUSE-RU-2010:1058-1 (low): hamster-applet: This updates adds a missing dependency for python-xdg
15 Dec openSUSE-RU-2010:1066-1 (low): nautilus-sendto: Is broken in gnome-main-menu. Fixed by this update.
15 Dec openSUSE-RU-2010:1067-1 (low): SDL: This update fixes an segmentation fault when pressing some keys on a D-pad.
15 Dec openSUSE-RU-2010:1068-1 (low): gnome-icon-theme: Missing GNOME-icons are added by this update.
16 Dec openSUSE-RU-2010:1073-1 (low): spamassassin: It still uses openwhois tests, a squatted domain. This unnecessary test is removed by this update.
21 Dec openSUSE-RU-2010:1082-1 (low): spamassassin: Fixed failure because of directory permission changes
21 Dec openSUSE-RU-2010:1083-1 (low): Inkscape: fixed installation in 11.4 milestone
22 Dec openSUSE-RU-2010:1087-1 (low): apparmor: Collective fixes
22 Dec openSUSE-RU-2010:1088-1 (low): apparmor-dbus: Fix permissions to work with auditd


01 Dec openSUSE-SU-2010:1001-1 (important): tomboy: security update
01 Dec openSUSE-SU-2010:1004-1 (important): libxml2: Fixing invalid memory access in the xpath handling (CVE-2010-4008).
02 Dec openSUSE-SU-2010:1012-1 (moderate): php5 security update for CVE-2010-3870 and CVE-2010-3710
03 Dec openSUSE-SU-2010:1017-1 (important): java-1_6_0-openjdk: security update
03 Dec openSUSE-SU-2010:1018-1 (important): cups: security update
06 Dec openSUSE-SU-2010:1025-1 (moderate): gnutls: fixing SSL-renegotiation "authentication gap"
06 Dec openSUSE-SU-2010:1027-1 (moderate): epiphany security update
06 Dec openSUSE-SU-2010:1028-1 (low): encfs: security update
06 Dec openSUSE-SU-2010:1029-1 (moderate): mercurial: security update
07 Dec openSUSE-SU-2010:1030-1 (important): acroread security update
08 Dec openSUSE-SU-2010:1031-1 (important): bind security update
08 Dec openSUSE-SU-2010:1034-1 (important): kdelibs3: Fixing khtml vulnerabilities CVE-2009-1690,CVE-2009-1687 and CVE-2009-1698.
08 Dec openSUSE-SU-2010:1035-1 (important): kdegraphics3: fixing various pointer dereferencing vulnerabilities (CVE-2009-1709 and CVE-2009-0945)
08 Dec openSUSE-SU-2010:1036-1 (important): kdelibs: fixing invalid character reference buffer overflow (CVE-2009-1725)
09 Dec openSUSE-SU-2010:1041-1 (moderate): clamav: security vulnerabilities fixed by upgrade to version 0.96.5
09 Dec openSUSE-SU-2010:1042-1 (moderate): subversion security update
10 Dec openSUSE-SU-2010:1047-1 (important): Linux Kernel: Security/Bugfix update to fix local privilege escalations
10 Dec openSUSE-SU-2010:1049-1 (important): python security update
10 Dec openSUSE-SU-2010:1051-1 (important): python security update
13 Dec openSUSE-SU-2010:1052-1 (critical): exim security update
13 Dec openSUSE-SU-2010:1053-1 (important): krb5: Fixes for multiple remote vulnerabilities in MIT krb5
13 Dec openSUSE-SU-2010:1054-1 (important): MozillaThunderbird: 3.0.11 update fixes security issues
15 Dec openSUSE-SU-2010:1061-1 (moderate): otrs security update
15 Dec openSUSE-SU-2010:1062-1 (critical): moonlight security update
17 Dec openSUSE-SU-2010:1076-1 (moderate): kdenetwork: security update
17 Dec openSUSE-SU-2010:1077-1 (moderate): kdenetwork: security update
20 Dec openSUSE-SU-2010:1054-2 (important): mpzilla-xulrunner191: update fixes security issues
21 Dec openSUSE-SU-2010:1084-1 (moderate): ed: heap-based buffer overflow
21 Dec openSUSE-SU-2010:1085-1 (moderate): kdenetwork: security update
22 Dec openSUSE-SU-2010:1025-2 (moderate): gnutls: fixing SSL-renegotiation "authentication gap" testing code
22 Dec openSUSE-SU-2010:1091-1 (important): xpdf security update
23 Dec openSUSE-SU-2010:1094-1 (moderate): opera security update
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