List name Post address Description
openSUSE Haskell Discussion about using and maintaining the Haskell programming language
Heroes Discussion list of the openSUSE infrastructure admins
openSUSE ISDN (Deutsch) Integriertes Sprach- und Datennetz auf openSUSE
openSUSE KDE Bugs Bugs with KDE on openSUSE
openSUSE KDE Discussion about KDE in the openSUSE distribution
openSUSE KDE 3 Discussion about KDE 3 in the openSUSE distribution
openSUSE Kernel Bugs Kernel bug reports
openSUSE Kernel openSUSE Kernel development and discussion
openSUSE Kubic Bugs Kubic bugreports
openSUSE Kubic General discussion related to the development of the openSUSE Kubic project
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