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11 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui] 6604d3: improvements to YPath
13 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui] d2f28c: update from buildtools
19 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-ncurses-pkg]
16 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui] 572f07: update from buildtools
17 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-buildtools] ed8222: define HELP_ICONS_DIR
13 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-ncurses]
13 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-registration] c54ec6: fix proxy settings in automatic online update scri...
14 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui] 288e4b: update from buildtools
27 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-gtk] ec96c3: added namespace std:: for string
13 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-core] 676ded: - fixed UTF-8 handling of several string builtins ...
15 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-gtk] 1eb685: fix build
13 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-apparmor]
13 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-apparmor]
20 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui] 5edb07: PROJECTINFO should be included at first
27 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-ncurses] e36b12: build does not want '-' in macroanme
13 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-storage] f9c1f5: remove blocxx-devel from buildrequires
14 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-buildtools] f0e7d5: SPEC_LIBDIR is now SPEC_Libdir
15 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-qt] f099f5: provide/obsolete yast2-qt
13 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-autofs]
21 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-ncurses] 81a61f: replace x by 0x in EntityLookup
14 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-qt-pkg]
26 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui] d1c38c: INCLUDE_PATH is to be updated after FIND_PACKGE, n...
14 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-qt-pkg]
12 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-buildtools] b93e56: introduce config.h template
13 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-buildtools] 2c6b84: remove obsolete %perl_process_packlist from spec-t...
27 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-ncurses] d565d4: fix CMakeList.txt to set CMAKE_MODULE_PATH correct...
11 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui] 368872: fix two small syntax errors
13 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-ncurses] d03162: - 2.11.4
26 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-core] 847d0e: - increased version
13 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-qt] dae870: Update to latest libui-buildtools (commit 9e083b2e...
13 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-autofs]
13 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-apparmor] 424bab: apparmor is now in system group
14 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-buildtools] 6df681: change SPEC_-var to lowercase prepends
13 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-qt] 7c3b1f: updated copyright headers and removed trailing whi...
13 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-ncurses]
13 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-apparmor]
20 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui] ff0aa8: Decreasing verbosity of logging shurtcuts conflict...
14 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-ncurses] f0d487: update copyright
18 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-qt-pkg] 210ead: fix specfile
18 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-buildtools] 2dda58: set CMAKE_C_FLAGS, too
13 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-autofs]
26 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-ncurses] 18b30d: disambiguate version from 12.2
13 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-storage] 35b921: do not suggest /usr as mount point any more (bnc#7...
26 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-ycp-ui-bindings] edabc4: - adapted to namespace changes in yast2-core
13 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-apparmor] d58c7c: apparmor is now in system group
07 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-dns-server] 3d717c: Fixed setting up the LDAP (BNC #690237)
20 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-qt-pkg] f2bf5f: Removed workaround for gcc 4.7 issues
06 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-installation] 8031d2: .gitignore
15 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-gtk] 38ba25: update from buildtools
11 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-country] 871422: README.markdown
25 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-dns-server] e5d36b: Additional fix for (BNC #765445)
14 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-buildtools] b8d7d5: install all COPYING-files
13 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-autofs]
14 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui] 1d3624: update COPYING
13 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-registration]
25 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-ncurses] 17816e: fixed quotes
13 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-qt] d42d8b: update from buildtools
13 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-buildtools] 473cb2: don\'t install examples on "make install"; use SPE...
13 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-qt] a07bef: Remove superfluous INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES
16 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-gtk] 5655a6: update from buildtools
22 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-ncurses] 716690: fix comments
18 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-gtk] dc141a: define M_PI with static value and only define if n...
12 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-buildtools] f88f04: fix typo
19 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-gtk] b9719d: Fix deprecated Gtk methods for creating hbox and h...
12 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-buildtools] 9139c8: add double-quotes (") around var-names
11 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui] 8fc6b3: Use lib64 on 64bit systems
19 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui]
26 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-gtk] 93e230: use the result of system(): -Wunused-result
13 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-autofs]
26 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-python-bindings] 0b20aa: - adapted to namespace changes in yast2-core
20 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-autoinstallation] 325d66: title style
26 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui] f8a7ec: fix include paths
14 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui] b8fedf: update from buildtools - improved docs handling
18 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-gtk] f897e5: disable -Werror
17 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui] dc688e: update from buildtools
26 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-python-bindings] d36ec6: - increased version
14 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-qt-pkg] c60889: merged the tmp/SLE-11-SP1-Stash branch
11 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui] c0b954: Package rename freezes old name (yast2-libyui) at ...
21 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-gtk] 7f9604: force for factory to use same standard as yast-cor...
18 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-gtk] 948a3d: get rid of "unused-but-set-variable"-compiler warn...
13 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-apparmor]
28 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui] d5b090: fix duplicated C(XX)_FLAGS
29 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-qt-pkg] 94ce54: fixed build
13 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-ncurses] 255be7: Bugfix for RichText widget: show complete license ...
01 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui] 8ffce0: missed this when removed obsolete files
15 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui] c9ab66: update from bulildtools
14 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-qt-pkg] ff81e6: fixed typo
13 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-autofs]
14 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-qt-pkg] 057cf9: - Fixed bnc#722617: Yast2 package manager does not...
28 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-installation] dae8a4: - set TERM=linux for 2nd stage services, to keep n...
13 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-ncurses]
13 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-autofs]
26 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-installation] c6947f: - ensure Plymouth is hiddent before 2nd start, to ...
16 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-buildtools] cad395: remove last varpfx-related stuff
13 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-apparmor]
27 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui] 820c97: be less verbose in cmake
22 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui] cc1355: Fixes two issues with the buildsystem:
07 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui] e10bea: correct copyright information
13 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-apparmor]
18 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-qt-pkg] 242ecd: fix specfile
20 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui] 9da451: - fixed if else cascade
28 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-ncurses]
27 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-qt] a9a611: build does not want '-' in macroanme
11 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui] 748322: Set appropriate DOC_DIR for building in obs
14 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-qt] ac77ef: update from buildtools
13 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-registration] 0c574d: - merge proofread texts
14 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-buildtools] 25541a: remove "%dir %{_libdir}/@BASELIB@" from template
08 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui]
16 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-gtk] 0aa751: update from buildtools
13 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-autofs]
13 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-gtk] 861aac: added missing include paths
18 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-core] 4d47ee: - fixed function name conflict in agent-ini (bnc#7...
21 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-ncurses] f2ed82: we want to link against ncursesw.6
11 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-bindings] db92dc: FindLibyui in cmake file
12 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui] 9b684c: merge libyui-buildtool changes (commit 33852b86)
19 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-ftp-server] b79b62: fixed reading of PureFTPD passive port range (bnc#...
08 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-yast2] e11e25: Turning one very disturbing y2milestone into y2deb...
12 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-snapper] c3c9ef: - changed signature of logging functions
13 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-registration] 8281e5: - merge proofread texts
15 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-ncurses] f15b86: update from buildtools
28 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-ncurses] 778996: fix package selector plugin name
07 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-dns-server] e65097: Fixed setting up the LDAP (BNC #690237)
13 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-apparmor] 6b38f3: - merged texts from proofreading
16 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-gtk] d316cc: no examples in -devel-pkg, but copyright-info in m...
07 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui] b083c0: call "YSettings::deleteSettings ();" upon destruct...
28 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-product-creator] ce95b4: - enable forcing package version to be present in ...
20 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-ncurses] 6ebb2c: common buid-tasks are in LibyuiCommon now.
27 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-ncurses] bc23df: never use using in public header files
20 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-ncurses] 3da41c: BuildRequires: libyui-devel
16 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-buildtools] 6a24b1: add automagick-support for Qt
12 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-qt] b16f7a: Switch to yast-independant cmake build (take from ...
12 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-buildtools] 7ed40d: add double-quotes (") around var-names
18 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-gtk] d9d4a4: be able to use -std=c99 with gcc
14 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-qt-pkg]
13 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-core] 55710d: - increased library version
13 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-apparmor]
14 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-buildtools] 9155a6: Take care packages also own the lib directories
27 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui] 9cd5ba: never use using in public header files
13 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-apparmor]
13 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-qt] 40a07e: update from buildtools
13 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui] 2e296f: add copyright-headers to examples
14 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-buildtools] 399f47: provide empty root dir for plugins
14 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-qt] f51c2e: update from buildtools
15 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-qt] ac6b52: update from buildtools
13 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-apparmor]
15 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-buildtools] d3df53: Add SPEC_Requires
13 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-apparmor]
13 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-ncurses] 6947ed: Work around 32768 lines limit in ncurses table. (b...
19 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-ncurses]
19 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-buildtools] 30f932: Enable POSIX extensions for stuff like fileno and ...
13 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-apparmor]
13 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-buildtools] 821d71: remove double-quotes (") around TARGETLIB_SOURCES
20 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-autoinstallation] dbb195: cosmetic
27 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-ncurses-pkg] 2039f9: build does not want '-' in macroanme
13 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-ncurses]
18 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-storage] 1a9262: - increased version
14 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-buildtools] a1c539: Fix RPMINFO.skel default for SPEC_DEVEL_DOCS
12 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui] 7bd3d6: Prevent self-obsoletes to make rpm-lint happy
27 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-ncurses-pkg] 1abdca: Switch to libyui cmake framework
13 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-ncurses] 8b520a: Work around 32768 lines limit in ncurses table. (b...
13 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-snapper] c466da: - updated versions of buildrequires
19 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-qt-pkg]
08 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui] df2cb9: pull in new CMake-based buildsystem
26 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-qt-pkg] 92b02a: added help icons install location to spec file's f...
26 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui] 0056c3: disambiguate version from 12.2 branch
14 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-ncurses] 8086a0: update from buildtools
07 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-dns-server] bf798e: Fixed setting up the LDAP (BNC #690237)
26 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-ycp-ui-bindings] c8112c: - increased version
22 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-ncurses] 04064a: Find ncurses the cmake way, this is, using find_li...
01 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui] 7b4d4a: setup gitignore
27 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui] 264a57: Allow plugins to install additional buildtools (se...
12 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-buildtools] 317416: fix typo expanding LIB_LINKER
15 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-qt-pkg] d90848: update from buildtools
13 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-storage] ac3225: - updated versions in buildrequires
21 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-ncurses] 465f39: added high contrast schemes "highcontrast" and "in...
14 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-buildtools] 8d1da7: fix handling of docs
15 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui] e3021a: update from buildtools
11 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-buildtools] 320bc1: first version of the buildtools
13 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui] ce97e6: rewinding accidently overwritten file
13 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-autofs]
13 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-apparmor]
13 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-ncurses] 404d6c: bug-fix for pre tag
13 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-ncurses] 6fddca: cleaned up include
13 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-ncurses]
14 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui] 0bb388: fix build error
12 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui]
13 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui] 667053: update of buildtools
13 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-ncurses]
11 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-buildtools] 320bc1: first version of the buildtools
11 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-yast2] 1758c5: Added README file as suggested by GitHub
08 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui] 2b0a0b: remove obsolete files
13 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-autofs]
13 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-registration] 9da57a: fix XMLout format
19 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-gtk]
27 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-ruby-bindings] 19b168: release new version
13 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-apparmor] 82789a: - merged texts from proofreading
08 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui] aeb03f: remove obsolete files
12 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui] 777047: include CMAKE_INCLUDE_PATH (as in updated buildtoo...
14 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-buildtools] 344910: remove png-logo from Doxygen-docs
13 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-autofs] a1a835: bump
18 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-autoinstallation] e768d9: fix typo
19 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-meta] 2c3d43: Mass-disable the email hooks while pushing the cor...
13 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-ncurses] ca831e: yast2-ncurses.changes => ChangeLog
26 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-yast2] 62e52c: schemes "inverted" and "highcontrast" added in com...
14 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-qt-pkg] 32e728: Move to libyui buildtools structure
13 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-autofs]
14 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-ncurses] 9c2fad: install COPYING* in rpm
14 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-bindings] 14460d: set CPACK_SOURCE_IGNORE_FILES in .git tree
14 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui] 849edb: update copyright-headers to MIT-License
12 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-core] 7e564c: - improved efficiency of logging functions (fate #...
14 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui] 57d4a9: update from buildtools - fix docs handling in spec
17 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-buildtools] 5aa791: define DATADIR, LANG_FONTS_FILE in config.h, set Q...
13 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-buildtools] 412226: Add include guard for config.h
13 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-ncurses] ed7709: updated copyright-headers
06 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-installation] 1262ed: require yast2-proxy
08 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui] b7d38b: remove calling deleted "destroySettings" in destru...
13 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-apparmor]
01 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-buildtools] 11ac2d: some small cleanups
14 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-ncurses] 9679e9: removed ascii-art
20 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-core] f91350: GLib C code rewriten in C++
14 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui] 7650dc: update from buildtools - do not own %{_libdir}
07 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-dns-server] 39fb0e: Testsuite adapted to 12.2
14 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-ncurses] 546b65: update from buildtools
13 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-buildtools] 683755: add double-quotes (") when expanding CMAKE_INCLUDE...
12 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui] f9675b: std namespace for examples
11 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-bindings] 7d8232: Refer to libyui instead of yast2-libyui in specfil...
14 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-qt] aea241: update from buildtools
13 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-bindings] 7cb00c: Bump version to 1.0.0, bindings are pretty stable ...
13 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-ncurses] dcd884: reformat copyright-headers and clean trailing whit...
27 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui] bfab58: fix CMakeList.txt to set CMAKE_MODULE_PATH correct...
20 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui] a404f5: place common build-tasks in LibyuiCommon, too.
13 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-registration]
13 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-autofs]
14 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui] bee330: update from buildtools
07 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui] f1b98c: remove dangerous use of "using namespace std;"
08 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui] d0d75b: PLUGINNAME should not be set here
13 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-registration]
29 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-python-bindings] 833dba: - blocxx is no longer needed for build
28 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-ncurses] bb287d: fix trailing whitespace
22 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-ncurses] 04064a: Find ncurses the cmake way, this is, using find_li...
29 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-qt-pkg] 2df476: fixed typo
14 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-qt-pkg] 7e2706:
14 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-buildtools] cf97e0: put tag-file in doc/html directly
20 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-ftp-server] 34f014: match the build service
13 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-ncurses] 656e18: add GM version 2.13.40 to SLE-10-Branch
14 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-ncurses] 38cfd7: update from buildtools
28 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui] 4f2d8c: use c++0x
13 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui] 082f5e: update from buildtools
19 Jun [yast-commit] [libyui/libyui-ncurses-pkg] 06fc23: create layout of search area in NCPackageSelector,
13 Jun [yast-commit] [yast/yast-registration]
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