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3 years, 2 months

Apresentadora Priscilla Alcantara
8 years

PING: [opensuse-wiki-de] Rechtliche Probleme des deutschsprachigen Wiki (Überblick, Aufzählung)
by pistazienfresser (see profile)
10 years, 3 months

Foundation Status
by Manu Gupta
10 years, 4 months

Reboot. Lets start again, this time organized
by Henne Vogelsang
10 years, 7 months

Objective of the Foundation
by jdd
10 years, 7 months

legal form
by jdd
10 years, 7 months

membership, subscribtion fee and elections
by jdd
10 years, 7 months

Purpose of the Foundation; help refine the definition
by Alan Clark
10 years, 8 months

Just thinking out loud ...
by Per Jessen
10 years, 8 months
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