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Re: [opensuse-doc] 13.1 translations
  • From: Guillaume Gardet <guillaume.gardet@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 02 Oct 2013 10:13:43 +0200
  • Message-id: <>

Le 02/10/2013 09:57, Tomáš Bažant a écrit :
Hi Marguerite!

Thank you very much for the description of your translation workflow.
And YES, we plan to have translations on ActiveDoc.
ActiveDoc (Drupal) has it the following way:

* you edit a chapter/section/book page primarily in English with a
WYSIWYG/HTML web editor
* each page can have its translated version, which is also edited the
same way
* as a result, changing the web language changes the content as well
(if the specified translation is available)

How are handled updates? I mean I translated a page into French and English
page is updated. Should I check changes manually?

* primary content format for ActiveDoc is (X)HTML

From which follows, that:
* when translating the whole content, it can be done manually directly
in ActiveDOc
* but if you need an external translation service (such as transifex),
we have to exchange the content in some format supported by both
services (drupal and transifex). What is the reason you convert XML to
*.pot files? Is XHTML not sufficient?

Maintaining translations using POT/PO files is easy. You can reuse
translations, see what was updated, etc.




Marguerite Su píše v St 02. 10. 2013 v 06:52 +0800:
Hi, Tomáš,

On Tue, Oct 1, 2013 at 9:27 PM, Tomáš Bažant <tbazant@xxxxxxx> wrote:

As openSUSE 13.1 documentation is going to be placed on (and I am in chanrge of its management), we need
to solve the problem with translated versions. Therefore, I would like
translators to tell me more about input document formats they need to do
the translations, maybe even the way they do it. On the contrary, I can
specify in detail how Drupal (the engine behind ActiveDoc) handles
translations. Maybe we can find a solution which is satisfactory for
both sides.
Here's the way I do Chinese translation for now:

1. svn co the 50-pot/50-tools/en/zh_CN

2. update/extract 50-pot/*.pot from en/xml

3. fill into zh_CN/po

4. make another set of scripts to upload it to (We have
a team about 20 people there, now we have finished opensuse-startup
and about 50% opensuse-reference guide, they're in a second stage on
transifex: reviewed solely by me, so it's slow that I didn't package
for 13.1)

5. wait for them to translate, also translate them myself on transifex

6. fetch the translated po

7. convert to zh_CN/xml with 50-tool tools

8. use daps to generate pdf/epub.

9. upload it to anonymous ftp at

10. Users download and learn

So for me, the input document format will be po file or xml file.

PS: will translated versions on activedoc.o.o too?

I just can't figure out how it works right now...I guess it's some
kinda social editing, right?

But what if translated version got a modification that different from
the English one ?

Or it's just a new web interface for English document editors, so we
can attract more new editors? (but for a short time, we will still
give translators a place to get _static_ files for translation instead
of dynamically translating on the same web, right?)



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