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Re: [yast-devel] ERROR: For RAID1, select at least 2 device.
On 17.4.2016 13:53, Christian Boltz wrote:
OK, so let's discuss if YaST should allow to create degraded RAID arrays
(like a RAID1 with only one disk)

IMHO it would be useful if the error message Felix mentioned in $subject
would have a "I know what I'm doing, create a degraded RAID" button ;-)
It probably isn't needed often, but there are cases where it would be
helpful (I had to do that once, and ended up using mdadm).

There are probably some use-cases, where some users could benefit from
such feature, on the other hand something like 98% of users will never
use it and it would only confuse them.

Obviously, some technical solution exists, for instance, while adding
devices to the not-yet-created RAID, we could, e.g., have an info label
below the RAID name, changed according to the current status:

- 1 disk in RAID1: RAID will be created in degraded mode, add more
devices to ... (WTF is degraded? says 85% of users)
- 2 disks in RAID1: RAID will be created in full-duplex mode ;)
- 3 disks in RAID1: Uh...
- 1 disk in RAID5: Er ...
- etc.

As you can see, understandable feedback for the user is not trivial.
There is always room for improvement and there are also priorities. Our
priority is to make Yast Partitioner simple (enough) and do not overfill
it with all possible options.

So, while filing a feature, make sure you also add an understandable
use-case. Ideally in format: I as $X want to do $Y to achieve $Z
[because $A].

Thanks for understanding


Lukas Ocilka, Systems Management (Yast) Team Leader
SLE Department, SUSE Linux
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