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Re: [yast-devel] new translation server and YaST
Dne 14.10.2015 v 12:16 Karl Eichwalder napsal(a):
Arvin Schnell <aschnell@xxxxxxxx> writes:

On Tue, Oct 13, 2015 at 05:39:27PM +0200, Stanislav Brabec wrote:

I do not expect that developers will review translations.

Arvin mentioned that there are some special cases:

I just found another case where I have to twiddle with
translations: ar.po in snapper is broken (multi plural form
stuff) and make aborts:

ar.po:6: nplurals = 6...

Standa, you will probably have to install some kind of po-check
pre-commit hook. We have such a script in SVN.

It has nothing to do with Weblate.

Actually, Weblate will not allow to push translation with broken plurals.

Broken by me personally:

commit 5e6cef124c910e6c472e28e8fe54f20230744c5c
Author: Stanislav Brabec <sbrabec@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu Oct 8 20:56:34 2015 +0200

Update translations from LCN SVN trunk revision 93498.

Problem with plurals already happened several times in SLES in translation-update-upstream. I have tools that prevent it while importing, but I did not expect that it will happen on Factory + SLE merge.

Actually, it is a dark side of gettext utilities that they can produce invalid po files with broken plurals, and only msgfmt -c will discover it.

Thanks for pointing to this problem.

I'll revive ar.po with broken string marked as fuzzy and validate all imports that I already did.

BTW, translations in trunk and SLE12-SP1 are fine.

My mistake.

I did msgcat of trunk and SLE12-SP1 to get the best coverage.

Generally it is a good thing, but it requires plural check.

I already encountered this problem in past in my translation-update-upstream.

Best Regards / S pozdravem,

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