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Re: [yast-devel] broken GUI installer
On 2014-04-30 13:26 (GMT+0200) Josef Reidinger composed:

There is three reasons why it is not implemented:
1) it have problem with edit button, as it is tricky to edit more items
at once

The problem would be greatly reduced by not moving selection to top of list at end of each edit or delete process. The top entry, default for new installation, seems to me like it would be the one least likely of need to add, edit or delete. Why is it jumped to on each screen refresh?

You might get more test installations out of testers by considering more the annoyances attributable to testers of alphas and betas rather than focusing on those who only install once per GA. I very often shortcut to avoid installation annoyances by cloning, then using zypper to upgrade. IIRC, no more than two of my 14 current Factory installations were "installed", maybe less than two. The rest are zypper'd 13.1s, probably most of which were 12.3 before, and maybe 12.2 before that.

#14 I did last night, not for to avoid YaST, but because of the brokenness that caused me to start this thread. The whole process, including removing HD from one puter, installing HD in the target, booting it, making the clone, putting the HD back where it came from, adjusting volume label, UUID, menu.lst & fstab on the clone, setting up Grub Legacy on the clone, and booting the "new" installation didn't even take 12 minutes. On new installations I spend far more time than that just in software selection (not a bad thing of itself, as other installers don't even present the opportunity for such welcome detail).
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