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Re: [yast-devel] broken GUI installer
On Wed, 30 Apr 2014 06:53:24 -0400
Felix Miata <mrmazda@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On 2014-04-30 11:57 (GMT+0200) Lukas Ocilka composed:

Josef Reidinger wrote:

thanks for reporting. I investigate code where it happen and
something is strange with mount points.

Bugzilla seems to be better place for bugs. And it's already there,
isn't it?

The first problem with Bugzilla is people don't always make summaries
that are readily related to the problem observed, often putting some
cryptic string in place of real description. I didn't find anything
either about hover, or about loader + unfixed matching my

The second problem is Factory isn't entirely about latest, and one
must either remember or guess whether and what isn't current in it in
order to decide whether the observed problem isn't stemming from
something several versions old and thus most likely known about
already, or known to be a build or other transitory problem that
might be gone in a matter of hours or a day. So, reporting/asking
here e.g. is a way to find out whether it may be recognized as
something new, particularly with this Ruby rebuilding of YaST and its
dedicated mailing list.

mailing list live for a long time and this problem is not related to
YaST in ruby. Actually 13.1 installer use ruby, so if you cannot
observe it in 13.1 then it is not related to ruby conversion.

FWIW, notwithstanding bugs, I liked the pre-Ruby installation YaST
very much, far and away more than any other OS installer ever used,
and am not particularly pleased with the installation simplification
changes observed so far.

well, no one is always satisfied. But if you convince enough people
that it make sense for opensuse and someone is willing to do it, it is
possible to make it configurable in control file for opensuse, that
there is richer configuration in installation.

Also, I'm particularly unhappy that 13 month old has not been
implemented, which wouldn't even be needed if there was a checkbox to
say new bootloader is or is not to be the master bootloader (aka
stanzas for any but new OS desired or necessary).

There is three reasons why it is not implemented:
1) it have problem with edit button, as it is tricky to edit more items
at once
2) it do not have enough priority, if you convince some from opensuse
release team and! we have time ( so suse sponsor work) or there is code
change from someone which we can just review, then it can be implemented
3) plan is to move forward to grub2 as we have even trouble with one
bootloader and for two, it multiple number of issues we have and for
the most people working bootloader is more important then plenty of
choices. Of course always is possible to do it manually with none
bootloader and then install it yourself outside of installer.

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