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[yast-devel] Integration of YaST in Ruby into Factory/openSUSE 13.1

as we are able to install openSUSE-based system using YaST translated into Ruby [1], I would like to discuss now how to proceed with integration of the translated code into Factory/openSUSE 13.1. While we are not ready to do that yet, we think we will be ready relatively soon and thus it makes sense to do some planning & scheduling.

In the ideal case, I'd like to get a broad agreement about the plan from YaST developers and then take the discussion to opensuse-factory later this week to see if the plans are OK with openSUSE people.


Currently, packages in our testing repository (YaST:Head:ruby) are produced using YCP Killer [2] from YaST module sources on GitHub (we use the master branch in general). I prepare them by periodically downloading the sources, translating them, and committing the resulting package sources to OBS (all that in a dedicated VM). Obviously, this is a transient state. To finalize the work, we need to do two things:

1. Switch master of YaST modules into Ruby (i.e. do the final
"official" translation and store its results in Git).

2. Package the translated code and submit the packages into Factory.

In theory, these steps are not necessary related. We can switch to Ruby and don't submit anything anywhere. We can also submit the packages still built from YCP source code in my VM. But it is clear both would create lot of problems, so it makes sense to combine these into one big switch.

Now let's have a look at the current openSUSE 13.1 schedule:

M1: 2013-05-16
M2: 2013-06-13
M3: 2013-07-11
M4: 2013-08-08
B1: 2013-09-19
RC1: 2013-10-10
RC2: 2013-30-31
GMC: 2013-11-08

It's clear that doing the switch in RC phase is too late. Beta also doesn't sound good. On the other hand, we don't think we will have the translator completely ready (= producing code we are satisfied with) until ~2 months from now. That would set the integration point to M4.

** So, our proposal is to aim to integrate Ruby-based YaST in M4.**

We'd also like to use M2 and M3 as test-beds and produce our own versions of the images (meaning we'll take exactly the same packages as in M2/M3, replace the YaST ones with Ruby version, and build the image in the same way as official images). We would also like to use the openQA infrastructure to test our images extensively. We think that with this approach we'll be well-prepared for the final integration and we'll minimize the number of bugs and regressions.

After M4, there are 3 months until the final 31.1 release. We think this is sufficient time to flush out any bugs/regressions the translation may cause and also to optimize performance and memory usage of Ruby code if this proves necessary.


We discussed the proposal above extensively in the YCP Killer team and we think it's reasonable. I'd like to know you opinion about that, as it will undoubtedly affect your work. And ss I wrote earlier, if we reach agreement, I'd like to take the discussion further to opensuse-factory.


David Majda
SUSE Studio developer
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