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[yast-devel] GsoC Weekly Report - "Separating libYUI"
  • From: "N.B.Prashanth" <>
  • Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2011 17:06:21 +0530
  • Message-id: <1309347386.1619.1.camel@nbp-fedora>

I would like to summarize my progress so far. I am working on
the libYUI project as mentioned above.

1. libYUI and all three UI plugins (Qt, ncurses and GTK) have been
ported to target systems (Fedora and Ubuntu).

2. The git repository at has been removed.
This will be replaced with the official YUI svn repo once the
conversion is complete. The old repo can be found at and will contain files related to my

3. Builds now make use of OBS. The download repository can be found at
: .
Currently build targets are Ubuntu (10.10 & 11.04), Fedora (14 & 15)
and Debian 6.

4. GTK plugin no longer has libzypp as a dependency and can hence be

5. Due to CMake issues on Ubuntu 11.04 with the GTK CMake module (Bug
report :
), builds using CMake have failed. Moreover, the default install
location for gdk-pixbuf on F14 and F15 are different which caused the
GTK plugin build to fail on F14 as well.

6. I have converted the GTK plugin to use autotools as opposed to
CMake. This has made it compile successfully in Ubuntu 11.04 using
pkg-config and I hope, it will compile of F14 as well. I will be
updating the GTK package on OBS this week.

7. Documentation for libyui is now online and can be found at
: . This is an initial
version and improvements may be expected in near future. The absolute
path issue is now fixed.

8. Examples, update for YUI and full GsoC reports are also updated on
my blog which can be found at : . My
last weeks GsoC report (GsoC Report - 3) can be found at :

9. Patches for minor bugs such as "long long warnings" have been made.
Not integrated upstream yet.

10. If anyone happens to test any of the YUI packages at OBS and finds
a bug, please send me an email or leave a comment on the blog.


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