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Marius Tomaschewski

18 Nov [wicked-commit] [openSUSE/wicked] dfd8fb: [system_update] generic system updater
22 Nov [wicked-commit] [openSUSE/wicked] 834553: util: Add print and format of boolean type
06 Nov [wicked-commit] [openSUSE/wicked] aa865b: Remove newline from debug output in __ni_config_pa...
28 Nov [wicked-commit] [openSUSE/wicked] 68c6d8: capture: hack to catch bonding arp type changes
29 Nov [wicked-commit] [openSUSE/wicked] 24df60: Added linux-3.11 if_link.h to no-inst headers
05 Nov [wicked-commit] [openSUSE/wicked] 1e2386: TODO: remove security audit
01 Nov [wicked-commit] [openSUSE/wicked] dc0f6b: [leaseinfo] write lease data to file
21 Nov [wicked-commit] [openSUSE/wicked] 39c408: Cancel old timers to avoid error message in ni_lld...
14 Nov [wicked-commit] [openSUSE/wicked] 201939: Log nothing if /dev/rfkill is missing
06 Nov [wicked-commit] [openSUSE/wicked] 364b6f: Readded a TODO referencing github issues
22 Nov [wicked-commit] [openSUSE/wicked] 26e33e: testing: rename ifstate-test to cstate-test
22 Nov [wicked-commit] [openSUSE/wicked] f24532: wireless: do not scan and bind supplicant by defau...
22 Nov [wicked-commit] [openSUSE/wicked] ab0cf4: testing: simple wickedd interfaces state monitor
08 Nov [wicked-commit] [openSUSE/wicked] 693f69: Log ident tag with --log-target stderr:ident
07 Nov [wicked-commit] [openSUSE/wicked] 86157d: Log and return error from nl_send_auto
07 Nov [wicked-commit] [openSUSE/wicked] 66b83c: Replace hardcoded array sizes in lldp.c
22 Nov [wicked-commit] [openSUSE/wicked] c1dcc0: ChangeLog.git: added git log --no-merges option
28 Nov [wicked-commit] [openSUSE/wicked] 053652: macvlan: initial support, no ifcfg yet (fate#31513...
13 Nov [wicked-commit] [openSUSE/wicked] bdf9b2: dhcp6: fixed to allow status option without messag...
06 Nov [wicked-commit] [openSUSE/wicked] e8bff7: remove TODO file, moved to individual github issue...
28 Nov [wicked-commit] [openSUSE/wicked] 98ff9c: macvlan: fixed makefile to install macvlan schema
13 Nov [wicked-commit] [openSUSE/wicked] bc9a57: Add refcounting for ni_dbus_watch_data_t objects
18 Nov [wicked-commit] [openSUSE/wicked] ef61eb: Fix subtype gathering in ni_lldp_tlv_get_orgspec
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