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Re: [opensuse] Major install problems with 13.2 -- Worse
Neil Rickert composed on 2015-01-06 21:59 (UTC-0600):

Felix Miata wrote:

PC firmware and/or the installers. Maybe a dd from /dev/null to the tail end
of the disks is in order?


:-p /dev/null is where my brain has been alot lately.

0 bytes in, 0 bytes out.

Using "/dev/zero" might be more effective.

Ya think? :-D

There's actually a tool "fixparts" (package "gptfdisk-fixparts") that
cleans up remnants of GPT partitioning. Unfortunately, it is not on the
live rescue CD or the install DVD.

When I need live media, I use the master of live media. Fixparts is on
Knoppix 7.2 CD and 7.0.4 DVD, and probably in earlier versions laying about:

# man fixparts
"It can remove stray GUID Partition Table (GPT) data, which can be left
behind on a disk that was once used as a GPT disk but then incompletely
converted to the more common (as of 2011) MBR form."...
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