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Re: [opensuse] multiboot 12.2 & W7
On 2012-10-21 21:06 (GMT-0400) James Knott composed:

Billie Walsh wrote:

I don't really know anything about it but rumor has it that Windows 8
ready machines have some kind of bios that is supposed to block
loading anything that isn't Windows as a security measure. I mean, one
never knows what damage loading something like Linux might do to your
computer so they want to protect you.

That would bethe "secure boot" part UEFI. My ThinkPad has UEFI, but not
secure boot, and it hasn't caused any problems. On x86 systems, it's
supposed to be possible to bypass it, but ARM systems cannot. There is
also a Linux work around that was recently announced.

Moreover, the target market of W8 is tablets, meaning small screens. I installed the beta on a 1920x1080 desktop last spring. The paradigm changes from traditional desktop use are awful. I doubt it's intended to replace W7 except on tablets or other small devices.
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