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Re: [opensuse] wifi problems
On 10/19/2012 01:47 PM, James Knott wrote:
Mark Hounschell wrote:

Another possibility is to use Ethernet connected portable access points, such as the Asus WL-330Ge or D-Link DAP-1350. These devices can act as Ethernet connected WiFi adapters and can be placed where convenient for best signal

Are these different than what I see called a "range extender"? Like the LinkSys RE1000?

They are multifunction devices which include a WiFi adapter for Ethernet mode. The Asus includes a repeater mode, but I don't think the D-Link does. In your case, you'd configure for the WiFi adapter mode and connect to your computer with an Ethernet cable. Also, these require less from the CPU than a USB device. Both of these can be USB or wall wart powered and can be placed wherever you can reach with a cable. The D-Link can do 802.11n, but the Asus is 802.11g. However, there is a later model Asus that also does N.

OK, thanks. I'll spend a few dollars in the hope this takes care of my problem.

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