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Re: [opensuse] no more flash support?

On Wed, 10 Oct 2012, G.O. wrote:
Hey, I just noticed after reading through some of the threads and
then clicking on a link, that Adobe Flash is no longer going to be
supported on Linux after version 11.2.

See the link here:

What are the implications of this? The reason I found out was that I
was using flash-player-, and this was not able to
play flash videos on bbc or some other sites, so I needed to download
flash-plugin- direct from Adobe. I haven't
tested it yet, but I notice that this is "flash-plugin" whereas the
one from the non-oss repositories is "flash-player".

In any case, what does this mean for being able to view videos on the
web in the future using open source programs? Google Chrome works
fine, but suppose they decide to stop supporting linux at some point
in the future. Open source is the only option that we have that
maintains our freedom. Is anyone trying to develop an open-source
clone of flash so that the internet will remain open?

Yes. Try the 'lightspark' stuff (incl. plugin) from packman. It seems
to work often, better than 'gnash', but still fails on quite some
pages. Well, there's hope, in that, gnash, libswfdec and that flash
dies out anyway, the sooner, the better.

ATM, I still use flash-player-, but that's
just because of some site or three, IIRC e.g. u-pipe works with


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