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Re: [opensuse] Re: virtualbox won't open
You now know why you get the fatal error message: when you click the green arrow _for the first time_ after setting up a new virtual disk, it will stop and ask you where that that is down to experience.the boot medium is. just like when booting from a live cd or boot cd. The default is the dvd drive of the host computer. If, like yourself, you have not burned it to dvd then simply point the installation at the iso you have downloaded. You do that in the first dialogue you get after hitting the green arrow. that seems to be the bit where we were failing. I'll try and get a screenshot of it and put a link in this thread for others.
Thanks again for all the help and patience you have given me as I
struggled to learn about this and Linux. All your time ,effort and
patience is much appreciated.
No problem. Shall we mark it as solved?

yes we can mark it as solved.
BTW, anyone know why in Ubuntu is installed one one try as opposed to
here. Just curious. Bye.

The procedure for installing Ubuntu is the same as for installing win 7. If you are saying that you installed it successfully at the first attempt, then I'd say it was down to experience. BTW, how does the Ubuntu performance compare to the win 7 performance? On my best machine, Linux graphics crawls along compared to windows, the latter being just about as fast as running natively:-(

Yes Ubuntu is slower compared with win 7 but I don't do much graphics. Mostly text - exams, syllabi, etc for my students. I just don't like win7 or win in general. And yes I'm sure that experience was a factor in the easy installation in Ubuntu. Tks.


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