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Re: [opensuse] Thunderbird: Everything is 'fraft'
Basil Chupin said the following on 01/27/2012 08:23 PM:
On 28/01/12 01:16, Anton Aylward wrote:
I had a power-out crash (don't ask) and when the machine came back up
after plugging the power cord in again and locking the cat out I find
Thunderbird misbehaving.

It is as if its lost a lot of context.

Oh, all the account settings were there but all 'history' had been lost,
the counts on the folders, and the "moveto -> recent" history.

What's weird and what I can't seem to refine a google query to find is this:

1. Every message in every folder is now a 'draft" as in it says "This is
a draft message" and shows an edit button. EVERY message in EVERY
folder, not just the ones in the draft folder. Its as if every folder
has been marked 'draft'

2. When I do move stuff from inbox to another folder (or 'possible junk'
to false-positive or false-negative) the destination folder should be
added to the 'recent' history. It isn't, that remains empty.

I've not met this problem before and it hasn't happened before this
morning's cat-and-the-cable incident.

If anyone has any ideas about this I'd be grateful.

What is isn't

- corrupt file system
- access permissions under ~/.thunderbird

To start off with, I suggest that you do 'e2fsck' on the partition where
your linux system is installed.

What do you really mean by that? "your linux system is installed".
Well mine is "installed" on about 8 or 9 partitions under LVM and
there's more stuff that's NFS mounted form the server.

Could you be a bit more specific, please.

In this case ~/.thunderbird is physically on a file server on a ReiserFS
on LVM and used LVM snapshot for backup.

ReiserFS is about the most robust I've found. Pulling the plug on it is
not a problem.

Now because it is on the file server, and the file server didn't go down
when the cat got the power cord for the workstation, the problem is
limited to files that T'Bird had NFS-open and T'Bird files that were
local to the workstation.

The other thing, Thunderbird has the option to rebuild the folders'
indexes - right-click on a folder, select Properties then Repair Folder.
Have you done this repair job?

Yes, and not only that, T'Bird will build the index for any folder as
you open it. I know all about that aspect.

As I said to Patrick, this isn't my concern.

My concern is that (a) everything is marked "draft" no matter what
folder it is in and (b) the 'move -> recent' list is not being built.

(And do you make a weekly backup of your /.mozilla and /.thunderbird
sub-directory, hmmmm? :-) .

Yes, since they live on the file server and its done with LVM snapshots
... yamma yamma yamma ...

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