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Re: [opensuse] Ontological Relevance

On Wed, 01 Jun 2011, phanisvara das wrote:
On Wed, 01 Jun 2011 [..] Patrick Shanahan <paka@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
* Stan Goodman <stan.goodman@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> [06-01-11 04:53]:
It is not dishonorable not to use capitals.

Nor is picking your nose or scratching your ass, but it *is* distasteful,
crude and anti-social. It does show that you are your own persona and
have little reguard for accepted behavior.

wow. if being my own persona is considered distasteful, i guess i'm
on the wrong list.

You know what? There is a reason why words are capitalised, especially
in German. I read a lot. I read _words_ and not letters. Because of
capitalization, I don't have to look at each individual letter to read
the word, I recognize words from their outline and how the "blackness"
(or whiteness) is distributed in that outline.

Look at the following, set off line from, say, twice your normal
reading distance away, maybe close your eyes a bit.

flap clap crap trap Bob bid bat bit but and Andy was bored

And you'll see, each word has both a distinct outline and a pattern
(if you're using a reasonable font). Like "misc-fixed", GNU unifont
and Verdana on screen, and e.g. Garamond (printed) ... And even if
it's not concious, you _do_ see those outlines and patterns when you

Sadly, in English nouns are not capitalised. Why "sadly"? In German, I
can scan a normal paperback book for a distinct Name or a Noun in
about one second per page (plus time for turning the page), for less
distinct names at about 2-3 seconds per page, which is about the
minimum for English nouns. Names, on the other hand stand out more in

Oh, and you too read words. How else could you make sense of
half-eroded or -hidden signage on the road or whereever? You read
words! And fill in the blanks by guessing while using all context

So, by not using capitalization, you're making it harder for everyone
but you to read what you write.



How easy is that last line to read? You're doing the same to me with
your not-capitalising.

It's a matter of simple courtesy to those that (you'd like to) read
your mail. If you are unwilling to extend that courtesy, be prepared
to be ignored.

And I don't have to think about capitalising, neither in English nor
German. I just type. So, with a little practice, you'll push that
shift-key automatically, unless your a eagle-hover-and-pick typist.


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