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Re: [opensuse] Quirks in a new v11.2 system
  • From: Anton Aylward <anton.aylward@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 22 May 2010 12:35:25 -0400
  • Message-id: <4BF807CD.40605@xxxxxxxxxx>
Stan Goodman said the following on 05/22/2010 11:57 AM:

With the erratic mouse cursor, it's hopeless.

One might suspect the hardware ...

When faced with any oddity I resort to using a LiveCD.
I have a number of them, Mint, Mempis, Knoppix, openSuse, Mandriva.
Ubuntu and kubuntu.
Even openSolaris.
Various versions

Then there are the forensic toolkits like Backtrack


Right now you seem to be 'blaming' openSuse 11.2 and KDE4.
Using the LiveCDs I can test out - without committing to hard disk -
other distribution; I can test the hardware.

Is there a "openSuse 11.2" LiveCD

Go look:
Pick one. Pick many.

Did you run the update? Yast, etc, update?

Again, I can't get past the mouse cursor problem. I have been trying to
find information on the Web about how to do that. I booted to level 3 and
tried to guess my way, but without success.

I didn't, but will, thanks again, if I can luck into a sufficiently
stable state to work with.

You should, always. At least, run "you", or "zypper patch".

The desktop is altogether unusable. I can't do that.

You don't need the desktop.
You only need the command line.

Science is nothing but trained and organized common sense, differing
from the latter only as a veteran may differ from a raw recruit: and its
methods differ from those of common sense only as far as the guardsman's
cut and thrust differ from the manner in which a savage wields his club.
Thomas H. Huxley
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