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Re: [opensuse] To all openSUSE developers:
  • From: Vadym Krevs <vkrevs@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 28 Mar 2010 19:13:30 +0100
  • Message-id: <531445c61003281113g393801b2w9692af36c6cdd751@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On 28 March 2010 18:02, Patrick Shanahan <paka@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
* Adam Tauno Williams <awilliam@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> [03-28-10 11:07]:

For those will "real" work to do is why there is GNOME.  We are an
entirely GNOME shop, and we experience no 'maddening randomness of the
end-user-experience'.  I don't think your experience is related to
"Linux" at all, but the DTE you are installing.  Seriously - just read
this list for any given week.

You DO realize that you have made a *quite* inflammatory statement with
no real benefit.  All DTEs have their own particular problems.

Your statement is more fitting a "troll" endeavoring to start another DTE
conflicting debate/war.

Please try to be more considerate.

+1. At least in the past, when I did try GNOME, it appeared to have
its own share of quirks as well.

One comment I will make though - and please do not take it as an
attempt to start a flame war, etc. It's just an observation by a
somewhat jaded KDE user.

I've been a faithful KDE user on SUSE Linux for almost 10 years (since
SUSE Linux 7.2 probably). KDE apps served all my needs perfectly -
there was no need to run non-KDE apps. Konqueror for web browsing,
KMail for email, KDevelop for development, Konsole for terminal work,
Amarok for music, etc. I've tried GNOME several times on both SUSE and
other distros, but I always missed the configurability of the KDE
desktop and the polish of SUSE KDE experience.

However, I've recently noticed that while KDE remains as my primary
desktop environment for both work and fun, the applications I use most
have changed. When KDE 4 was first released for openSUSE,
konqueror/kmail were so unstable I had to switch to Firefox &
Thunderbird. When the company switched to GMail a year ago, both
Firefox and Thunderbird got subsumed by Chrome. I've been a faithful
KDevelop used since some 2.x release, but the instability of KDevelop
4 and lack of functionality as compared to KDevelop 3.5.x finally got
to me a few months ago, and I switched to Eclipse with CDT for all my
C/C++ development. The way Amarok's interface is going, I will
seriously consider using Banshee soon. So at present rate, I'll be
using KDE as a wallpaper switching tool only in less than a year :-(

What gets me is that, put simply, while the KDE desktop itself is
actually shaping up quite nicely (I quite like many of the ideas
behind plasma, like widgets and even such controversial things as
activities), the above mentioned GTK apps seem to offer a much better
user experience than their KDE equivalents. Fewer crashes (under
KDE!!!), better performance (faster, less resource usage), more
features, etc. It's almost as if key KDE apps are gradually getting
less features/becoming less stable/etc while the above mentioned GTK
apps actually seem to improve from one release to another. Sometimes,
it almost feels that there are two teams of KDE developers - one doing
the desktop and another doing the apps.

Again, this is not intended as an inflammatory statement. I have no
intention to start a "my desktop (or my application) is better than
yours" thread, so please try to stay reasonable.

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