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Re: [opensuse] Making KDE the default desktop once again
  • From: G T Smith <grahamsmith@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 29 Jul 2009 09:40:07 +0100
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Graham Anderson wrote:
On Tuesday 28 July 2009 22:25:48 Carlos E. R. wrote:
I find the idea of having a default desktop - any desktop - almost

Oh please spare us the self sacrifice you make to ensure you remove _ALL_
packages and only install the ones you want of choice.. I can almost feel the
pain it must have caused you to look at the pattern selection of current
openSUSE and be driven to near suicide by the idea of having to have useless
crap installed by default... ¬_¬

What were you doing when KDE was the default desktop previously?
that it was anti free software or just getting on with your life by
what you wanted anyway?

It must of been pre v8.00 when it was was a default. Spent a lot of time
mucking around with the different options available, tended to use KDE3
for quite a while until discovered some other stuff. It was usable but
not particularly special. One of strengths of Linux is choice.

Must admit do not really mind having an idiot install, so long as there
is an expert install. I usually upgrade rather than re-install but
having being forced to re-install from scratch due to reasons beyond my
control, I had recently my first experience of the 'improved'
installation process.

I found the dumbed down installation process with some rather dodgy
defaults a definite retrograde step. It is useful to have some default
starting templates from which to start a new installation (which I seem
to remember being available at one time but seem to have now
disappeared), but the current one size fits all install is not very much
use to someone who *knows* what they want to put on the machine, and
just creates much unwanted grief for an experienced user.

Did not want (or need) KDE4, so initially went with GNOME and was
pleasantly surprised the improved effective basic interface of the newer
version over previous versions I came into contact with. Definitely
better for the function that machine provides. I do not want to be in
the situation where I would have to strip one desktop out and reinstall
my preferred selections.

I am with Carlos on this one. It does (unintentionally) insult the
intelligence of those who have an idea of what they are doing to provide
near mandatory defaults. This really requires a balancing act between
those who know little and and could not care less, and those who know a
lot and care more. If you get the former at the expense of loosing the
latter you have lost the distro.

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