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Re: [opensuse] Please! Let Me Double-Click!
  • From: Basil Chupin <blchupin@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2009 13:58:31 +1100
  • Message-id: <497D26D7.6020206@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Anders Johansson wrote:
On Sunday 25 January 2009 13:22:28 Basil Chupin wrote:

I am *not* saying that those who do have English as their first language
are *perfect* at its use

As well you should not. Native speakers are often the worst at proper usage.

To give a small example of what someone who is supposed to have compete
control over *English* because s/he is a journalist,

Ah, nostalgia. Journalists today don't care about language use. In many cases
I even doubt they would know the correct forms if their lives depended on it

In any case, don't you think this thread has gone on long enough now? If you
guys want to continue discussing, take it to opensuse-offtopic.


As you kindly already have done :-) .


"I do not instruct the uninterested; I do not help those who fail to try. If I
mention one corner of a subject and the pupil does not deduce therefrom the
other three, I drop him."

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