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[opensuse] (OT) Charter Communications - refusal to correct a bill
  • From: Duaine & Laura Hechler <dahechler@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 25 Jan 2009 10:56:01 -0600
  • Message-id: <497C99A1.3080209@xxxxxxx>
Dumped Charter for refusal to correct a bill - even after going to the
VP Steve

PLUS $61 billion in debt

In Sept, we got a bill with the extra charges for HD (digital) service
(we NEVER ordered).

I called CS (Customer Service) and they figured out that we owed $86.53.
So, I paid it.

Got Oct. bill with a Balance Forward of $11.79. What the hell? Fired off
another call to CS and they said that that was correct - how - they said
that we were supposed to pay $98.32 - but - I kept trying to tell them
that we didn't have and not ordered HD service. After many minutes of,
literally, arguing - I got disconnected - THEY hung up on me. Called
back again, got another CS rep, they finally said that that was correct
(from before) and they tried to tell me that the $11.79 was rebated in
the detail break down. WELL, the detail on my bill added up to only
$11.13. So I kept on trying to get an answer on where the other 66 cents
went. They said that what they were looking at added up to $11.79.(By
this time I was livid) Finally, I mentioned that I'm not paying the bill
until we get a corrected bill - they responded "you have a correct
bill". Again an argument ensued and they hung up on me again.

Somewhere I got the VP's email address and fired off an email to him
about this - TWICE within a couple of days.

Made a third call - going through all the same BS as before and
requested another corrected bill. Again they said that the bill was
correct. Again, I said the I'm not paying the bill until we get a
corrected one. This time - I - hung up on them.

The next day, my wife called and got the same BS and requested a
corrected bill. Well, we got one, BUT it was only a screen print of the
same exact bill - including showing that 66 cents in not accounted for.
She called back to get an a reason why we got the same bill and NOT a
corrected bill. They replied that they can only send out what was in the

Fired off a third email to the VP Steve and went through everything up
to now. And added that if this don't get resolved I'm not paying the
bill and we are switching to AT&T U-Verse. He apologized and was going
to credit our bill - which he did.

BUT never got the bill and the missing 66 cents resolved.

Now we are on AT&T U-Verse for almost the same price.

Duaine Hechler
Piano, Player Piano, Pump Organ
Tuning, Servicing & Rebuilding
Reed Organ Society Member
Florissant, MO 63034
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